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Natural gas regulation

Here, you can learn how natural gas is regulated in Massachusetts.

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Responsibilities of the Gas Division

The mission of the Gas Division is to ensure that the six investor-owned gas companies in Massachusetts provide their customers with the most reliable natural gas at the lowest possible cost.    

The regulation of the natural gas industry in Massachusetts requires the Gas Division to review:

  • Forecast and supply plan filings
  • Long-term supply contracts
  • Numerous non-tariffed contracts for the sale and transportation of natural gas
  • Energy efficiency programs
  • Cost of Gas Adjustment filings that determine the rates customers are charged for the gas commodity

In addition, the Gas Division monitors the market at the regional and national level to ensure that the Massachusetts consumers continue to receive the economic and environmental benefits that natural gas has to offer.

Finally, the Gas Division is in charge of ensuring that the natural gas market in Massachusetts remains competitive at the retail level.

For the regulation of Pipeline Safety and Dig Safe, please visit the Pipeline Safety Division and the Dig Safe service page.

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Rates and Charges

Your monthly bill is broken into two main charges:

  • Delivery (or Distribution): The cost to deliver ​natural gas to your home or business. The delivery rates are approved by the DPU during your company's last Rate Case Filing, which occurs at least every 10 years.  You can check your company's approved Rate and Tariffs for a list of current delivery rates.
  • Supply: The cost to purchase and transport natural gas to Massachusetts. Your gas company pays to purchase gas on your behalf at the current market price and passes the cost onto customers. The supply rate, also known as the Cost of Gas Adjustment Factor, is approved by the DPU at least twice a year, for the summer and winter periods.

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For questions related to your gas bill, visit the DPU Consumer Division page 


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