Regional Workforce Skills Blueprints

Below are archived Regional Labor Market Blueprints representing industry and occupational priorities for workforce investment in seven regions across the Commonwealth: Berkshire, Pioneer Valley, Central, Southeast, Cape, Greater Boston, and Northeast.  2024 Regional Workforce Skills Blueprints: In Development

Who developed the blueprints? The blueprints were developed throughout a comprehensive year-long planning process that involved local, regional, and state leadership from workforce development, education, and economic development, and input from business and community stakeholders. The blueprints were updated in 2020, and updates are posted in the regional sections below.

How should these blueprints be used? Regional labor market blueprints should be used to inform policy, practice, and funding decisions on a state and local level. For example, a joint application for funding related to workforce development should reflect alignment to the priorities articulated in the blueprints.

How do I become more involved in regional team work? Contact information for regional teams is listed below.

Where can I find a summary of the regional priorities? A summary of updates made to regional plans in 2020 can be found by downloading this Blueprint Update Summary Matrix.


Berkshire Blueprint

Berkshire 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Berkshire

Please send inquires to: Heather Boulger, MassHire Berkshire Workforce Board,

Cape & Islands

Cape & Islands Blueprint

Cape & Islands 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Cape and Islands

Please send inquires to: Kara Galvin, MassHire Cape & Islands Workforce Board,


Central Blueprint

Central 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Central and North Central

Please send inquires to: Jeffrey Turgeon, MassHire Central Region Workforce Board,

Greater Boston

Greater Boston Blueprint

Greater Boston 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Boston, Metro North, and Metro South/West

Please send inquires to:
Chris Albrizio-Lee, MassHire Metro North Workforce Board,; Angela McCabe, MassHire Boston Workforce Board, Angela.McCabe@bostonpic.orgGreg Bunn, MassHire Metro South/West Workforce Board,


Northeast Blueprint

Northeast 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Merrimack Valley, Greater Lowell, and North Shore

Please send inquires to: Frank Bonet, MassHire Merrimack Valley Workforce Board,

Pioneer Valley

Pioneer Valley Blueprint

Pioneer Valley 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Franklin-Hampshire and Hampden

Please send inquires to: David Cruise, MassHire Hampden County Workforce Board,


Southeast Blueprint

Southeast 2020 Update

Workforce areas represented: Bristol, Greater New Bedford, Brockton and South Shore

Please send inquires to: Tom Perreira, MassHire Bristol Workforce Board,

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