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ResilientCoasts Initiative

Find details on this effort to create a holistic strategy to address climate change impacts led by the Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management (CZM).
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On November 28, 2023, the Healey-Driscoll Administration announced the launch of the ResilientCoasts initiative, a holistic strategy for addressing the impacts of climate change along the coastline of Massachusetts. In collaboration with the state’s 78 coastal communities, ResilientCoasts will pursue a multipronged approach to identify regulatory, policy, and funding mechanisms to develop focused long-term solutions. For details on the announcement, see the Press Release and video of the announcement event

Progress to Date

CZM is charged with leading the initiative and is in the process of hiring a new Chief Coastal Resilience Officer to oversee CZM work in this area and the development of the new Massachusetts ResilientCoasts Plan. This plan—which was identified as a priority action within the state’s ResilientMass Plan for ensuring the state is prepared to withstand, rapidly recover from, adapt to, and mitigate natural hazard events—will establish Coastal Resilience Districts based on climate impacts, review resilience options to proactively identify approaches that work statewide and within districts, explore financing mechanisms to find creative and sustainable ways to pay for projects, and review regulations to ensure effective long-term implementation.

Community Engagement

Community engagement will be central to ResilientCoasts, with a variety of formats for stakeholder participation spaced throughout the project timeline. Two formal groups have been formed to provide input: 1) an external task force with representation from communities, businesses, scientists, community-based organizations, and environmental advocates, and 2) an internal working group of representatives from state agencies and offices. Public meetings, a public survey, regional meetings, and focus groups will offer additional opportunities for sharing information on the initiative and receiving input.  This input will be used to help shape the Massachusetts ResilientCoasts Plan, which will guide policy and management actions to improve health and safety, protect and enhance natural and cultural resources, prepare our infrastructure for climate change, strengthen our coastal economy, advance equity and environmental justice, and support the capacity of coastal communities.

CZM recently conducted a public survey to receive feedback on goals of the ResilientCoasts Plan to help shape how local and state action can support coastal community resilience to sea level rise, coastal storms, flooding, and erosion. Feedback is also informing indicators, which will be used to evaluate progress towards goals.

CZM also hosted ResilientCoasts Public Meetings on January 29 and 31 to present the preliminary goals of the ResilientCoasts Plan and to solicit feedback. For details see:

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