SMART Programmatic Review

This page contains information on the status of the Department of Energy Resources' review of the SMART program

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is currently conducting a review of the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program. The primary areas of focus of the review include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluation of current solar costs and project revenue requirements across sectors
  • Evaluation of potential SMART program improvements

SMART Straw Proposal

The 2024 SMART Straw Proposal was published by DOER on July 10, 2024. Prior to the technical sessions, stakeholders may submit clarification questions on the Straw Proposal through this form. The questions submitted will be used to inform the content of the technical sessions.

View the 2024 SMART Straw Proposal in Spanish (Español), Portuguese (Português, Brasil), Chinese (简体中文), Vietnamese (Tiếng Việt), Haitian Creole (Kreyòl ayisyen), and Cape Verdean Creole (Kriolu di Cabo Verde).

The 2024 Straw Proposal is based on an quantitative and qualitative analysis conducted by Sustainable Energy Advantage, LLC. Both reports outlining these analyses can be seen below.

Evaluation of Solar Costs and Needed Incentive Levels Across Sectors from 2025-2030

Evaluation of Potential SMART Program Improvements

Straw Proposal Webinar and Technical Sessions

The following dates will serve as opportunities to engage with DOER on the SMART Straw Proposal and provide input for consideration prior to the regulatory rulemaking process. Additional opportunities for feedback will occur during the regulatory process. Attendees may request language interpretation in each of the registration links below. Please request language interpretation service one week before the event date.

  • On July 10th, DOER held a webinar with a presentation of the SMART Straw Proposal where stakeholders can learn about proposed policy changes and submit questions for clarification. The Straw Proposal webinar recording can be found below. 

    SMART Straw Proposal Webinar Recording

  • On July 22nd and 23rd, DOER will host in-person technical sessions at the Connolly Center in the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, 600 Atlantic Ave, Boston, MA 02210, to collect stakeholder feedback on the SMART Straw Proposal. The sessions will be divided into topic areas, and attendees may register for individual sessions. Interested attendees can register for the in-person technical sessions here. The deadline to register will be July 17th. 

    DOER requests that each organization only send one representative per session. Lunch will not be provided by DOER, but there will be a break from 12:00-1:00 PM and there is a café in the Federal Reserve building as well as various lunch options in the surrounding area.

    The schedule for the sessions is as follows:

    7/22 Morning (9:30 am - noon) - Program structure and process
    7/22 Afternoon (1pm - 4pm) - Equity, consumer protection, and compliance
    7/23 Morning (9:30 am - noon) - Adders eligibility
    7/23 Afternoon (1pm - 4pm) - Environmental protection and agrivoltaics

  • On July 29th, DOER will host a virtual technical session for stakeholders who are unable to attend the in-person sessions. The same content will be covered at both the in-person and virtual sessions, so attendance is only necessary at one. Interested attendees can register for the virtual technical session here. The deadline to register will be July 24th.

Stakeholder Feedback

To help inform the SMART review, DOER solicited responses from SMART stakeholders and the public on a series of stakeholder questions. DOER accepted comments between December 21, 2023 to February 9, 2024. Comments received by DOER are available for review below: 

SMART Review Comments - February 2024

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Date published: December 21, 2023

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