Statutes, Regulations, and Guidelines

Relevant Statutes, Regulations, and Guidelines for the Programs Administered by DOER’s Renewable Energy Division.



Established under the Massachusetts Electric Utility Restructuring Act of 1997, the Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) was amended per the Green Communities Act of 2008. The Green Communities Act spurred the development of three programs, introduced in January 2009:

  • RPS Class I (evolved from the original RPS program)
  • RPS Class II
  • Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (APS)

The revised and new standards are in the Massachusetts General Laws in Chapter 25A Section 11F (RPS Class I and Class II) and Section 11F 1/2 (APS).


Pursuant to Chapter 75 of the Acts of 2016, DOER developed the Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) program.


Please note: All regulations listed on this web page are unofficial. The only official version of each regulation is published in the Massachusetts Register, which is available through the State Bookstore.

Learn about current developments in Regulatory Proceedings.


Per 225 CMR 14.02, 15.02, 16.02, and 20.02, Guidelines are a set of clarifications, interpretations, and procedures, including forms, developed by DOER to assist in compliance with the requirements of the respective regulation. DOER may issue new or revised Guidelines from time to time. Each Guideline shall be effective on its date of issuance or on such date as is specified therein, except as otherwise provided.

The following documents are Guidelines that are currently in effect and serve to clarify requirements or eligibility criteria set forth in the program regulations.

Retail Electricity Supplier Compliance 

Alternative Portfolio Standard (APS)

Combined Heat and Power

Renewable Thermal 

Fuel Cells

Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)

Woody Biomass

Solar Carve-Out

Solar Carve-Out II

Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program

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