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Watch our Educational Videos to Learn More About CBHI Services

Here you'll find videos and other resources to help you learn about In Home Therapy and Intensive Care Coordination.

What is In-Home Therapy (IHT)?

In-Home Therapy (IHT) is a MassHealth service for children and youth with social, emotional or behavioral challenges younger than the age of 21. It can be delivered anywhere the youth is, including home, school, child care setting, and other places in the community.

IHT works with the whole family, not just the referred youth, by providing intensive family therapy to assist families in overcoming past trauma and coping with symptoms of mental health conditions.

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¿Qué es la terapia en el hogar (IHT)?

Obtenga más información sobre IHT de las familias y proveedores.

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In-Home Therapy (IHT) Top 10

A companion to the IHT video, this document gives the basics about this unique service. Use this resource to educate family members and referral sources, such as community organizations, other state agencies, and schools.

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How to find In-Home Therapy (IHT) Providers.

Learn how to find IHT providers in your area.

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Cómo encontrar proveedores de Terapia en el hogar (IHT).

Aprenda cómo encontrar proveedores de IHT en su área.

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What is Intensive Care Coordination?

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) is a MassHealth service for children and youth under 21 with serious emotional and behavioral health needs. In this video, Beth and Johanna explain how ICC works. Using a family centered, team-based approach, Intensive Care Coordinators and Family Partners work with families to develop care plans built on built on their strengths, needs and values. At the end of video, learn how you can connect with one of the 32 Community Service Agencies across Massachusetts that provide ICC.

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¿Que es Intensive Care Coordination?

Intensive Care Coordination (ICC) es un servicio de MassHealth para niños y menores de 21 años con problemas emocionales y de comportamiento serios. En este video Beth y Johanna explican como ICC funciona. Utilizando un énfasis centrado alrededor de la familia, coordinadores de Intensive Care y socios de la familia trabajan con las familias para desarollar planes de cuidado utilizando las fortalezas, necesidades y valores familiares. Al final de este video, aprende como te puedes conectar con una de las 32 Agencias Comunitarias en Massachusetts que proveen servicios de ICC.

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Want to learn more about IHT?

  • Call an IHT provider for more information.

  • Go to www.mabhaccess.com — the Massachusetts Behavioral Health Access website.

  • Click “CBHI Service Search”
    From the drop-down menu, select IHT and then enter your zip code to find a list of local providers — you can see their ability to accept new referrals, though this does not guarantee an appointment or placement.

  • You can also download or order free brochures with information about In-Home Therapy and other MassHealth services. Go to www.mass.gov/masshealth/cbhi and click CBHI Brochures. You can download copies or fill out the online order form to receive free copies of the brochure. Please note that provider listings are subject to change. The most up-to-date listings are on www.mabhaccess.com

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