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Learn what you can do on DTA Connect

DTA Connect is the Department of Transitional Assistance's (DTA) mobile application and website.

Do you have questions about your DTA benefits? Do you want to apply for SNAP, TAFDC or EAEDC? With DTA Connect, you do not have to wait at a DTA office or use up your minutes on hold. Get the information you need and manage your case without the wait.

Use (link) to Complete: a 10-second screener to see if you are eligible for SNAP benefits

  • an application for all DTA benefit programs - SNAP, TAFDC, and EAEDC.
  • a SNAP Interim Report or a SNAP Recertification if you are due to check-in.

    Note: Contracted SNAP outreach providers can view and modify information for their clients who have signed a 
    Permission to Share Information Form on the website.


You can use OR the DTAConnect mobile app to:View your case status,

  • Check your EBT card balance,
  • Request an EBT card and track when it is expected to arrive in the mail,
  • Find out when your benefits will next be issued,
  • Upload and submit a document,
  • Find out if documents you’ve sent to DTA have been processed,
  • Get alerts for upcoming appointments,
  • Get alerts for important deadlines or actions,
  • Read and print notices and letters,
  • Update your contact information,
  • Request to have a letter mailed to you showing the amount of benefits you receive
  • See local contact information for DTA

DTA Connect mobile app

The mobile app is for smartphones and tablets only. The app is free and available for active, pending, or former DTA clients on Android and iOS.

It can be downloaded from Google Play or the App Store.  Tap or click here to learn how to get it.

Additional Resources for

Support and feedback

If you have questions about the DTA Connect mobile app or DTA Connect website, please let us know.

Email with your Agency ID (if you have one) if you have issues with DTA Connect.

Other ways to connect with DTA

While the DTA Connect app and website are helpful tools, you may still need to fax or mail, call (877) 382-2363, or come into a DTA office to conduct business with us.

You can also connect with us online on Twitter and Youtube and keep coming back to