WM 03: Water Management Withdrawal Permits

Use this form to apply to withdraw over 100,000 gallons per day per year. This ensures that new withdrawals will not overburden existing water resources or users.

Water Management Act Program Contacts

The Details

What you need

MassDEP reviews requests to withdraw water over 100,000 gallons per day annually, from watersheds to ensure that new withdrawals will not negatively impact water resources or existing users.

You must apply for this permit if you plan to withdraw water from ground or surface sources in excess of an annual average of 100,000 gallons per day or 9 million gallons in any 3-month period. Users typically requiring a permit include:

  • industry
  • commercial
  • agriculture
  • golf courses
  • cranberry bogs
  • public water suppliers


How to apply

See details in Step 5, below.

Next steps

  1. Review the Instructions

    Guidance on how to prepare your application, including a completeness checklist. The document entitled "Application Required for Obtaining a Water Management Act Permit" is a detailed guide to the forms required for a Water Management Act Permit.

  2. Complete the Application Package

    You may fill out and save the Microsoft Word forms on your computer. The PDF versions have to be printed out and completed by hand. 

  3. Obtain a Transmittal Form and Number

    A unique Transmittal Number is needed for each application you submit to MassDEP.

  4. Look up the Permit Application Fee

    See page 8 of the fee schedule below.

  5. Mail your Application and Fee Payment

    Submit your application fee payment and a copy of your transmittal form to:

    Department of Environmental Protection
    PO Box 4062
    Boston, MA 02211

    Submit your completed application package and original transmittal form to the Water Management Act Program in the appropriate MassDEP Regional Office (see listing below).

More info

The Water Management Act Permit Guidance services as a companion to the Water Management Act Regulations (310 CMR 36.00). The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on how MassDEP implements the Water Management Act Regulations through the permitting process.




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