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2023 Institutions Examined for CRA Compliance

The Division of Banks (DOB) evaluates the institution's record of meeting the credit needs of its entire assessment area. This includes low and moderate-income neighborhoods, consistent with the safe and sound operation of the institution. When the examination is complete the DOB issues a rating and public evaluation.

Table of Contents

Institutions with a 2023 published rating

Institution Location Rating
Marblehead Bank Marblehead


Needham Bank Needham   HS
Lee Bank Lee    S
Clinton Savings Bank Clinton    S
First Priority Credit Union Boston    S
Webster Five Cents Savings Bank Webster    O
Polish National Credit Union Chicopee    S
North Cambridge Co-operative Bank Cambridge    S
The Savings Bank Wakefield    S
Haverhill Fire Department Credit Union Haverhill    S

Key to ratings

  • O - Outstanding
  • HS - High Satisfactory
  • S - Satisfactory
  • NI - Needs to Improve
  • SNC - Substantial Noncompliance

These ratings are not, nor should they be interpreted as an assessment of the financial condition of these institutions. The assigned ratings do not represent an analysis, conclusion, or opinion of the DOB concerning the safety and soundness of these financial institutions.

Public evaluations

The public portion of the evaluation generally contains:

  • The institution's CRA rating
  • A description of the financial institution
  • A description of the financial institution's assessment area
  • Conclusions about the institution's CRA performance, including the facts, data, and analyses that were used to form such conclusions

View Public Evaluations issued by the Division of Banks at CRA ratings and public evaluations for banks and credit unions | Mass.gov

Most Massachusetts chartered banks are also examined for compliance with the Federal CRA by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation and the Federal Reserve System.

Date published: May 1, 2023
Last updated: May 1, 2023

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