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CRA ratings and public evaluations for mortgage lenders

The Division of Banks (DOB) examines licensed mortgage lenders (LMLs) making 50 or more home mortgage loans in the previous 2 calendar years. The DOB assess the LML's record of meeting the mortgage credit needs in its entire assessment area. The evaluation includes an assessment of the LML's lending in low and moderate-income areas and a review by income of borrowers. When the examination is complete the DOB issues a rating and public evaluation.

Table of Contents

Public evaluations

The public portion of the evaluation generally contains:

  • The mortgage lender's CRA rating
  • A description of the mortgage lender
  • Conclusions about the mortgage lender's CRA performance, including the facts, data, and analyses that were used to form such conclusions.

Key to ratings

  • O - Outstanding
  • HS - High Satisfactory
  • S - Satisfactory
  • NI - Needs to Improve
  • SNC - Substantial Noncompliance
  • NR - Not Rated

These ratings are not, nor should they be interpreted as an assessment of the financial condition of these institutions. The assigned ratings do not represent an analysis, conclusion, or opinion of the DOB concerning the safety and soundness of these financial institutions.

All mortgage lender ratings (listed in alphabetical order by mortgage lender)

Academy Mortgage Corporation Sandy, UT 7/19/2016     S
American Financial Resources, Inc. Parsippany, NJ 1/21/2016     S
American Internet Mortgage, Inc. San Diego, CA 7/7/2020     S
American Nationwide Mortgage Company, Inc. Tampa, FL 11/3/2020     S
American Neighborhood Mortgage Acceptance Company, LLC Mount Laurel, NJ 11/29/2016     S
Amerisave Mortgage Corporation Atlanta, GA 8/23/2016     S
Ark-La-Tex Financial Services, LLC Plano, TX 4/6/2015     S
Atlantic Home Lending, Inc. Canton, MA 12/7/2010     S
Broker Solutions Inc., dba New American Funding Tustin, CA 05/24/2019     S
Commonwealth Mortgage, LLC Woburn, MA 4/17/2013     S
Conway Financial Services, LLC Norwell, MA 12/2/2019     S
Crescent Mortgage Company Atlanta, GA 10/20/2016     S
CrossCountry Mortgage, LLC Breckville, OH 9/14/2020     S
Ditech Financial, LLC Washington, PA 4/2/2018     S
Drew Mortgage Associates, Inc. Shrewsbury, MA 4/8/2019     S
E Mortgage Management, LLC Cherry Hill, NJ 7/9/2015     S
Embrace Home Loans, Inc. Middletown, RI 2/18/2020     S
Envoy Mortgage, LTD Houston, TX 10/21/2014     S
Equity Prime Mortgage, LLC Atlanta, GA 7/23/2019   HS
Equity Resources, Inc. Newark, OH 6/8/2020     S
Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation Madison, WI 9/3/2019     S
FBC Mortgage, LLC Orlando, FL 8/3/2018     S
Finance of America Mortgage, LLC (formerly Gateway Funding Diversified Mortgage Services) Horsham, PA 7/14/2010     S
First Guaranty Mortgage Corporation Tysons Corner, VA 7/31/2018     S
First Home Mortgage Corporation Baltimore, MD 12/30/2015     S
Freedom Mortgage Corporation Mount Laurel, NJ 10/20/2015    NI
GMH Mortgage Services, LLC Conshohocken, PA 8/4/2017    HS
Guaranteed Rate, Inc. Chicago, IL 8/4/2014     S
Guidance Residential, LLC                          Reston, VA 4/10/2018     S
Home Point Financial Corporation (formerly Maverick Funding Corp.) Ann Harbor, MI 11/16/2018     S
Homestead Funding Corporation Albany, NY 5/24/2017     S
Lakeview Loan Servicing, LLC Coral Gables, FL 12/26/2018     S
LendUS, LLC Alamo,  CA 3/9/2020     S, LLC Foothills Ranch, CA 9/28/2018     S
J.G. Wentworth Home Lending, LLC (formerly Weststar Mortgage, Inc.) Woodbridge, VA 7/31/2019     S
Member Advantage Mortgage, LLC Grand Rapids, MI 10/3/2019     S
Members Mortgage Company, Inc. Woburn, MA 3/1/2017     S
Mid-Island Mortgage Corp. Westbury, NY 1/7/2021     S
MiLend, Inc. Atlanta, GA 5/10/2017    NI
MLD Mortgage, Inc. Florham Park, NJ 3/24/2011     S
Monument Mortgage Company, Inc. Lexington, MA 4/21/2009     S
Mortgage Equity Partners, LLC Lynnfield, MA 2/20/2018     S
Mortgage Network, Inc. Danvers, MA 12/15/2017     S
Mortgage Research Center, LLC d/b/a Veterans United Home Loans, Veteran Loan Center, and Columbia, MO 3/18/2019     S
Movement Mortgage, LLC Indian Land, SC 7/11/2019     S
MSA Mortgage, LLC Winthrop, MA 1/23/2020     S
Nationstar Mortgage, LLC Dallas, TX 2/11/2019     S
New Day Financial, LLC Fulton, MD 7/28/2020     S
New Fed Mortgage Corp. Danvers, MA 10/14/2020     S
NewRez LLC Fort Washington, PA 3/26/2019     S
NFM, Inc. Linthicum, MD 5/23/2011     S
NorthPoint Mortgage, Inc. Sturbridge, MA 9/3/2014     S
Norwich Commercial Group, Inc. Avon, CT 6/8/2016     S
Ocwen Loan Servicing, LLC West Palm Beach, FL 11/7/2018     S
PennyMac Loan Services, LLC Westlake Village, CA 4/18/2019     S
PHH Mortgage Corporation Mount Laurel, NJ 10/15/2018     S
Plaza Home Mortgage, Inc. San Diego, CA 12/2/2015    HS
Poli Mortgage Group, Inc. Walpole, MA 1/24/2020    NI
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc. Salt Lake City, UT 4/9/2018     S
PrimeLending, a PlainsCapital Company Dallas, TX 10/25/2019     S
Provident Funding Associates, LP San Bruno, CA 8/6/2018    NI
Pulte Mortgage, LLC Englewood, CA 4/12/2017     S

Quicken Loans, Inc.

Consent Order: Quicken Loans, Inc. and One Reverse Mortgage, LLC

Detriot, MI 4/20/2018   NR
Radius Financial Group Incorporated Norwell, MA 12/22/2020   HS
Republic State Mortgage Co. Houston, TX 7/28/2020    S
Residential Mortgage Services Inc. South Portland, ME 2/16/2016     S
Ross Mortgage Company, Inc. Westborough, MA 11/5/2019     S
Shamrock Financial Corporation East Providence, RI 2/17/2021     S
Sierra Pacific Mortgage Company, Inc. Folsom, CA 9/16/2019     S
Stearns Lending, Inc. Santa Ana, CA 4/30/2018     S
TBI Mortgage Company Horsham, PA 7/25/2013     S
Top Flite Financial, Inc. Williamston, MI 12/13/2016     S
Total Mortgage Services, LLC Milford, CT 1/13/2014     S
United Shore Financial Services, LLC d/b/a United Wholesale Mortgage Pontiac, MI 3/4/2020     S
Village Mortgage Company Avon, CT 5/15/2019     S
Washington Trust Mortgage Company LLC Westerly, RI 11/6/2019     S
William Raveis Mortgage, LLC Shelton, CT 8/5/2020     S
Zillow Home Loans, LLC f/k/a Mortgage Lenders of America, LLC Overland Park, KS 7/9/2013     S
Date published: August 2, 2021
Last updated: August 2, 2021