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Learn about the income tax extension deadline, e-file options for filing and paying, and how to amend your return. You can also learn about short-term rentals and how to pay boat sales and use tax.

Updated: May 9, 2024

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Tax Extension Deadline Is October 15, 2024

Did you or your clients qualify for an extension? The deadline for your return is on or before October 15, 2024, if applicable.


  • An extension allows more filing time, but timely payments are still required.
  • Interest will be added to any due amount, even if the extension is valid.

Choose an E-File Option

Every year, millions of Massachusetts taxpayers:

E-filing can result in fewer errors and faster tax refunds.

Create Your MassTaxConnect Account

To e-file your state tax return for free using MassTaxConnect, you need to be registered on MassTaxConnect

To create a MassTaxConnect account, follow the instructions in the guidelines and video.

Track Your Refund

You can also use MassTaxConnect to check the status of your income tax refund

Make Changes to Your Tax Return

Once you file, you or a third party can make changes to your personal income tax return.

Go to the amend page to learn how to:

  • Amend your personal income tax return on MassTaxConnect

You can also learn how to register on MassTaxConnect so you can amend your return online.

New: 2023 Tax Cuts Legislation

In October 2023, new legislation was passed to provide various tax changes for personal income and corporate excise taxpayers.

The 2023 Massachusetts Tax Cuts Legislation page gives an overview of these changes. 

Working Draft TIR: Provisions in the 2023 Tax Relief Legislation has additional guidance. 

DOR intends to provide further guidance explaining the Massachusetts tax impact of the legislation.

Highlights of the tax package include increases to the:

  • Child and Family Tax Credit
  • Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC)
  • Circuit Breaker Deduction for Seniors
  • Rental deductions, and more.

There’s also a section about changes affecting the estate tax.

Current Tax Filing Season Overview

Don’t miss this year’s tax filing season news and updates.

Highlights include:

2023 MA Tax Cuts Legislation, due dates, and how to e-file and e-pay.  

New: Filing Season Video

This year’s Filing Season video and Resources (PDF) have you covered. Learn about new tax relief, the short-term capital gains tax rate change, the 4% surtax, and more.

Please watch the video below and provide your feedback.

Tax Year 2023 Filing Season Update - Cheryl Brown is located at the upper right hand corner


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FAQ: Income Subject to the 4% Surtax

Beginning with tax year 2023, personal income taxpayers, subject to chapter 62, must pay an additional 4% surtax on taxable income over $1,000,000, increased annually for inflation.

The FAQ page has answers to questions about:

  • What is the 4% surtax?
  • Which taxpayers are affected?
  • How to calculate the 4% surtax?
  • Required forms, e-filing, and more.

Pay Boat Sales or Use Tax

You can file and pay your boat sales or use tax from the MassTaxConnect homepage:

  • Select the File and Pay Boats & Vehicles Sales/Use Tax link under File.

You can also use this QR code to go directly to the form on MassTaxConnect.

When complete, don’t forget to print a copy of the ST-6: Certificate of Payment of Sales or Use Tax.

To register your boat, you will need to provide the ST-6: Certificate.

Do you need a copy of your ST-6 Certificate? On the MassTaxConnect homepage:

  • Select Find a Submission under Quick Links.

Short-Term Rentals

Attention, short-term rental operators, and intermediaries.

If you’re offering short-term rentals, you must:

If you already have an account on MassTaxConnect, there is no need to register again.

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