Outcome Measurement Tool (OMT)

MOVA has partnered with the Office for Victims of Crime – Training and Technical Assistance Center (OVC TTAC) and ICF International (ICFI) to develop a new program reporting tool.

The goal of this tool is to evaluate funded programs by measuring outcomes and service effectiveness, and to ensure that we are effectively awarding funding to support the needs of victims/survivors. All details pertaining to the OMT, including the tool, can be found below.

Table of Contents


Below are the subrecipient guidebook, current version of frequently asked questions (FAQ), a strategic areas guidebook, and the OMT data tracker. You can find other materials specific to VSS and SAFEPLAN programs further below.

  • MOVA OMT Guidebook for Programs 
    This guidebook is meant to help prepare your program for gathering data. It includes indicators for what is already included in Performance Measurement Tool (PMT) reporting and where the OMT has expanded those items.
  • OMT Frequently Asked Questions (last updated 5/25/21)
    The FAQ will be updated and reposted to the MOVA website periodically.  The samples are meant to serve as examples and are not endorsed by MOVA or the Office for Victims of Crime
  • Strategic Areas Guidebook
    • Outlines the goals and measures for each strategic area
  • MOVA Data Tracker
    • This optional data tracker will allow daily tracking of service data to support demographic, goals, and outcomes reporting

OMT Materials for VSS Programs

Please find the OMT, sample support documents, and a timeline for VOCA programs below.

OMT Materials for SAFEPLAN Programs

Please find the OMT, SAFEPLAN logic model template, a document with the OMT launch timeline for SAFEPLAN programs, and the recording of a training specifically about the SAFEPLAN OMT below. 

Recorded Webinars

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