Public Health Data Warehouse (PHD) Technical Documentation

This page provides an overview of the main technical components for the PHD.

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Technical Documentation

Data sources & structure: More than two dozen data sources that make up the analytic footprint of the PHD.

    Data dictionaries: Metadata documents that describe in detail the type of information contained in each of the data sources that comprise the PHD 

    Dummy datasets mimic the analytic datasets with “fake” data.  The variable structure is the same as the analytic data and allows users to work on and debug SAS code remotely, before running analyses in the real PHD environment at DPH.

    PHD External User Manual: Using the Massachusetts Public Health DataWarehouse (PHD): From Application to Dissemination.

    Matching process: This is a unique process by which the department securely integrates a collection of government data to perform advanced analytics.

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    Date published: February 22, 2022

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