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Apprenticeship sponsor policies

By participating in registered apprenticeship, employers can build a dynamic, self-empowered workforce that will lead their business into the future.

Having skilled workers is critical to the success of any business. As we progress in the 21st century, this need will become even more critical.

Sponsor policies

Apprentice Issuances

Dispensing Optician policy

Division of Apprentice Standards regulations

Debarment policy

Employer Sponsorship requirements

Frequently asked questions on policy changes

Multi-employer policy

Probationary period

Active-without companies Policy change when the Division of Apprentice Standards Sponsors become "Active-Without"

Sponsor application criteria

Correspondence courses

Cancellation of programs

Jobsite ratios

Payroll audits

Requirements for related instruction

Written apprentice intake policy

Reciprocity Procedure

Apprentice Wage Percentage Progression
When a sponsor has a program with an occupation that is identified on Department of Labor Standards prevailing wage sheets as one that would require certified payrolls on a public project as described in Chapter 149 then the wage progression percentages will mirror that like occupation for the area. The sponsor will adjust the apprentice payroll amount for private jobs by setting the company journeyperson rate and maintaining the same wage progression rate.

Division of Apprentice Standards regulations