CRA ratings and public evaluations for banks and credit unions

Ratings which became public as of November 2, 2017*

The Division of Banks (DOB) assess the institution's record of meeting the credit needs of its entire assessment area. This includes low and moderate-income neighborhoods, consistent with the safe and sound operation of the institution. When the examination is complete the DOB issues a rating and public evaluation. 

The public portion of the evaluation generally contains:

  • The institution's CRA rating
  • A description of the financial institution
  • A description of the financial institution's assessment area
  • Conclusions about the institution's CRA performance, including the facts, data, and analyses that were used to form such conclusions

Most Massachusetts chartered banks are also examined for compliance with the Federal CRA by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Key to ratings

  • O - Outstanding
  • HS - High Satisfactory
  • S - Satisfactory
  • NI - Needs to Improve
  • SNC - Substantial Noncompliance

CRA ratings and public evaluations

The link provided in the 'Rating' column contains the public evaluation. 

Institution Location Exam Date Rating
Abington Bank Abington 8/26/2013     S
Adams Community Bank Adams 4/13/2015     S
Alden Credit Union Chicopee 8/1/2016     S
Align Credit Union Lowell 3/13/2017    HS
Allcom Credit Union Worcester 12/1/2014     S
Alpha Credit Union Boston 10/5/2015     S
Arrha Credit Union Springfield 8/3/2015     S
Athol Credit Union Athol 8/15/2016    HS
Athol Savings Bank Athol 7/11/2017     S
Avidia Bank Hudson 5/9/2016     S
Avon Co-Operative Bank Avon 2/29/2016     S
Bank of Easton, a Co-Operative Bank Easton 11/10/2014     S
BankFive Fall River 5/11/2015    HS
BankGloucester Gloucester 2/14/2011    HS
Bay State Savings Bank Worcester 4/24/2017    HS
Baycoast Bank Fall River 4/22/2014    HS
Belmont Savings Bank Belmont 4/3/2017     S
Berkshire Bank Pittsfield 1/20/2015     S
Beverly Bank Beverly 4/6/2015     S
Billerica Municipal Employees Credit Union Billerica 4/6/2015     S
Blue Hills Bank Boston 9/28/2015     S
Boston Firefighters Credit Union Boston 10/15/2013     S
Boston Private Bank & Trust Company Boston 10/14/2014    HS
Boston Trust & Investment Management Company Boston 11/29/2011     S
Braintree Co-Operative Bank, The Braintree 10/1/2013     S
Bridgewater Credit Union Bridgewater 11/18/2013     S
Bristol County Savings Bank Taunton 5/16/2016    HS
Brookline Bank Brookline 3/23/2015     S
Brookline Municipal Credit Union Brookline 5/23/2011     S
Brotherhood Credit Union Lynn 1/11/2016     S
Cabot Boston Credit Union Boston 8/3/2015     S
Cambridge Savings Bank Cambridge 6/23/2014     O
Canton Co-Operative Bank Canton 3/21/2016     S
Cape Ann Savings Bank Gloucester 8/24/2015    HS
Cape Cod Co-Operative Bank Hyannis 6/2/2014     S
Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank Harwich Port 5/9/2017     O
Century Bank and Trust Company Somerville 9/8/2014    HS
Charles River Bank Medway 11/28/2016     S
City of Boston Credit Union Boston 11/27/2012     S
Clinton Savings Bank Clinton 1/19/2016     S
Colonial Co-Operative Bank Gardner 10/19/2015     S
Commerce Bank & Trust Company Worcester 8/4/2014     S
Commonwealth Co-Operative Bank Boston 7/10/2017     S
Commonwealth Utilities Employees Credit Union Marion 2/13/2017     S
Community Credit Union of Lynn Lynn 9/23/2013    HS
Country Bank for Savings Ware 11/16/2015     S
Credit Union of the Berkshires Pittsfield 8/26/2013     S
Crescent Credit Union Brockton 6/17/2013    HS
Dean Co-Operative Bank Franklin 3/29/2012     S
Dedham Institute for Savings Dedham 1/21/2015     S
Eagle Bank Everett 11/9/2015     S
East Boston Savings Bank Boston 4/7/2014     S
East Cambridge Savings Bank Cambridge 1/23/2017     S
Eastern Bank Lynn 9/15/2014     O
Easthampton Savings Bank Easthampton 1/12/2015    HS
Energy Credit Union Boston 4/6/2015     S
Enterprise Bank and Trust Company Lowell 2/14/2017    HS
Equitable Bank Weymouth 3/24/2014     S
Everett Co-Operative Bank Everett 2/1/2016     S
Everett Credit Union Everett 3/14/2011     S
Fall River Municipal Employees Credit Union Fall River 10/13/2015     S
Fidelity Co-Operative Bank Leominster 9/28/2015     S
Fiduciary Trust Company Boston 12/27/2011     S
First Ipswich Bank Ipswich 3/23/2015     S
First Priority Credit Union Boston 5/31/2016     S
Florence Savings Bank Florence 11/3/2014    HS
Freedom Credit Union Springfield 9/14/2015     S
Gloucester Fire Department Credit Union Gloucester 8/4/2014     S
Gloucester Municipal Credit Union Gloucester 9/8/2015     S
Greater Springfield Credit Union Springfield 11/12/13     S
Greenfield Co-Operative Bank Greenfield 4/3/2017    HS 
Greenfield Savings Bank Greenfield 2/24/2015     S
HarborOne Bank Brockton 8/25/2014    HS
Harvard University Employees Credit Union Cambridge 7/23/2012     S
Haverhill Bank Haverhill 3/2/2015     S
Haverhill Fire Department Credit Union Haverhill 5/21/2013     S
Hingham Institution for Savings Hingham 9/15/2014     S
Holyoke Credit Union Holyoke 7/7/2014    HS
Holyoke Postal Credit Union Holyoke 2/10/2016     S
Homefield Credit Union Grafton 3/30/2015     S
Hometown Bank Oxford 5/12/2014     S
HTM Credit Union Haverhill 2/24/2014     S
Institution for Savings in Newburyport Newburyport 12/29/2014     S
Jeanne D'Arc Credit Union Lowell 9/10/2012     O
Lee Bank Lee 3/13/2017     S
Leominster Credit Union Leominster 1/19/2016     S
Liberty Bay Credit Union Braintree 11/30/2015     S
Lowell Firefighters Credit Union Lowell 8/5/2014     S
Lowell Five Cent Savings Bank Lowell 2/23/2015     S
Luso-American Credit Union Peabody 7/23/2012     S
Lynn Municipal Employees Credit Union Lynn 3/16/2015     S
Lynn Police Credit Union Lynn 1/21/2014     S
Lynn Teachers Credit Union Lynn 4/11/2017     S
Main Street Bank Marlborough 6/6/2016     S
Mansfield Co-Operative Bank Mansfield 1/20/2015     S
Marblehead Bank Marblehead 4/28/2014     S
Martha's Vineyard Savings Bank Edgartown 10/24/2016   HS
Mass Bay Credit Union Boston 11/28/2016     S
Massachusetts Family Credit Union Lynn 8/15/2016     S
Mechanics Co-Operative Bank Tauton 8/10/2015   HS
Meetinghouse Bank Dorchester 3/9/2015     S
Melrose Co-Operative Bank Melrose 2/23/2015     S
Members Plus Credit Union Boston 2/11/2013     S
Methuen Co-Operative Bank Methuen 8/26/2013     S
Metro Credit Union Chelsea 1/4/2016   HS
Middlesex Savings Bank Natick 1/5/2017     O
Millbury Savings Bank Millbury 6/7/2010     S
Monson Savings Bank Monson 9/12/2016     S
MountainOne Bank North Adams 6/9/2014     S
Mutual Bank Whitman 8/29/2016     S
MutualOne Bank Framingham 6/15/2015    HS
Naveo Credit Union Somerville 6/23/2014     S
Needham Bank Needham 2/23/2015     S
New Bedford Credit Union New Bedford 12/14/2015     S
Newburyport Five Cents Savings Bank Newburyport 7/13/2015     S
North Brookfield Savings Bank North Brookfield 8/11/2014     S
North Cambridge Co-Operative Bank Cambridge 2/29/2016     S
North Easton Savings Bank North Easton 8/25/2014     S
North Shore Bank, A Co-Operative Bank Peabody 7/5/2016     S
Northern Bank & Trust Company Woburn 5/1/2017     S
Northmark Bank North Andover 6/8/2015     S
Norwood Co-Operative Bank Norwood 1/23/2017     S
One Twenty Credit Union Boston 6/17/2014     S
OneUnited Bank Boston 10/17/2016     S
Patriot Bank Woburn 4/21/2015     S
Pentucket Bank Haverhill 10/26/2015     S
PeoplesBank Holyoke 5/4/2015     S
Pilgrim Bank Cohasset 12/5/2016     S
Pittsfield Co-Operative Bank, The Pittsfield 3/3/2017   HS
Polish National Credit Union Chicopee 6/10/2013     S
Premier Source Credit Union Springfield 6/4/2012     S
Pressers Union Local 12 ILGWU Credit Union Boston 1/13/2015    NI
Quincy Credit Union Quincy 12/29/2014     S
Randolph Savings Bank Randolph 6/5/2017     S
Reading Co-Operative Bank Reading 10/24/2016     S
Revere Firefighters Credit Union Revere 10/24/2012     S
River Works Credit Union Lynn 7/21/2014     S
Rockland Trust Company Rockland 5/31/2017     S
Sage Bank Lowell 4/18/2016     S
Salem Five Cents Saving Bank Salem 1/14/2013     S
Savers Co-Operative Bank Southbridge 5/12/2014   HS
Seamen's Bank Provincetown 4/13/2015   HS
Sharon Credit Union Sharon 2/11/2013     S
South Shore Bank Weymouth 4/9/2012     S
Southbridge Credit Union Southbridge 11/16/2015     S
Southbridge Savings Bank Southbridge 9/29/2014     S
Southern Mass Credit Union Fairhaven 11/27/2012   HS
Spencer Savings Bank Spencer 3/3/2014   HS
Springfield Street Railway Employees Credit Union Springfield 2/17/2016     S
St. Anne Credit Union New Bedford 11/2/2015     S
St. Anne's Credit Union of Fall River Fall River 9/25/2012     S
St. Jean's Credit Union Lynn 7/14/2014   HS
St. Mary's Credit Union Marlborough 5/11/2015     S
St. Vincent Hospital Credit Union Worcester 3/20/2013     S
State Street Bank and Trust Company Boston 1/14/2013     O
Stoneham Bank, A Co-Operative Bank Stoneham 12/7/2015     S
Stoughton Co-Operative Bank Stoughton 6/13/2016     S
The Bank of Canton Canton 8/11/2014     S
The Co-Operative Bank Roslindale 1/23/2017     S
The Provident Bank Amesbury 9/26/2016     S
The Savings Bank Wakefield 7/18/2016     S
The Village Bank Newton 5/4/2015     S
Tremont Credit Union Boston 5/16/2016     S
Unibank for Savings Whitinsville 12/15/2014     S
Wakefield Co-Operative Bank Wakefield 8/10/2015     S
Walpole Co-Operative Bank Walpole 11/28/2016     S
Waltham Municipal Employees Credit Union Waltham 8/5/2013     S
Washington Savings Bank Lowell 02192013     O
Watertown Municipal Credit Union Watertown 11/1/2016     S
Watertown Savings Bank Watertown 9/26/2016     S
Webster Five Cents Savings Bank Webster 12/21/2015     S
Wellesley Bank Wellesley 5/15/2017     S
Winchester Co-Operative Bank Winchester 2/7/2017     S
Winchester Savings Bank Winchester 10/27/2014     S
Worcester Credit Union Worcester 6/13/2016     S
Worcester Fire Department Credit Union Worcester 4/11/2016     S
Workers' Credit Union Fitchburg 1/3/2017     O
Wrentham Co-Operative Bank Wrentham 5/2/2011     S

*These ratings are not, nor should they be interpreted as an assessment of the financial condition of these institutions. The assigned ratings do not represent an analysis, conclusion, or opinion of the DOB concerning the safety and soundness of these financial institutions.


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