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MassDEP Solid Waste Forms

A complete list of recycling and solid waste management permit applications, compliance certifications, third-party inspection and annual reporting forms, and more.

Facility Siting & Ownership

SW 01, 38: Site Suitability Report
The purpose of the site assignment process is to determine if a parcel of land is suitable to use as a site for a solid waste management facility.

SW 49: Certification for Transfer of a Permit
When there is a change in ownership of a solid waste facility, the new owner must identify itself to MassDEP for the facility’s permit to remain valid.

Facility Construction, Operation & Reporting

SW 05, 08, 15, 19, 26, 27, 28, 29: Construct a New or Expanded Facility
Solid waste management facilities must be designed and constructed to prevent pollution of land, air, and water, and to prevent nuisance conditions. These permits consist of engineering design approval for construction of a new or expanded facility.

SW 06, 10, 20: Operate an Existing Facility
MassDEP authorization is required before a new solid waste management facility or an expansion/new phase of an existing facility may begin operations.

SW 07, 11, 16, 21, 22, 45: Facility Modifications
MassDEP issues these permits to authorize modifications to previously approved/permitted combustion facilities, construction and demolition (C&D) transfer stations, handling facilities, and landfills.

Landfill & Combustion Facility Annual Reporting
Construction & Demolition Facility Annual Reporting
Handling Facility/Transfer Station Annual Reporting
MassDEP requires these solid waste facilities to submit yearly reports on their activities.

Certification of Transfer Station Operation (Word) | (PDF)
Owner/operators of all transfer stations except those permitted to accept 50 tons per day or more of construction and demolition waste are required to submit this certification.

Small Transfer Station Recycling, Composting & Conversion Annual Reporting
Owner/operators of transfer stations permitted to accept less than 50 tons of waste per day are required to submit this report annually.

Facility Closure & Reuse

SW 12 & 23-25: Landfill Assessment & Closure
MassDEP approval is needed before a landfill owner/operator can close the facility. The agency may also require an assessment when there are indications of health, safety, or environmental threats.

SW 43: Landfill Closure Completion
Once the closure of a solid waste landfill is finished, MassDEP needs to determine that work was completed correctly and effectively.

SW 36, 37: Landfill Post-Closure Use Permit
Anyone intending to use a solid waste management facility site after closure and capping for another purpose needs to obtain this permit from MassDEP. 

Recycling, Composting & Conversion Operations & Reporting

Exempt Recycling & Organics Management Activities Notification
This form must be submitted for asphalt, brick, and concrete recycling; tire chipping and shredding; small composting operations not at residences; and municipal material food collection as defined in 310 CMR 16.03.

General Permit Initial & Annual Certifications: Recycling, Composting & Digestion
A certification must be submitted before any smaller new or newly acquired recycling, composting, aerobic digestion, or anaerobic digestion operation as defined in 310 CMR 16.04 begins operations, and annually thereafter.

SW 46, 47: Recycling, Composting, or Conversion Operation Permit, Modification or Renewal
A permit is required for any larger, more complex new or modified recycling, composting, or conversion operation as defined in 310 CMR 16.05.

Permitted Recycling, Composting, or Conversion Operation Annual Reporting & Certification
Owner/operators of operations with SW 46 or 47 permits issued by MassDEP are required to submit annual reports and certifications to the agency.

Third-Party Inspections & Inspectors

SW 48: Third-Party Inspector Qualifications Statement
Anyone intending to perform third-party waste ban or operation and maintenance inspections of solid waste management facilities must submit this form.

Third-Party Inspection Forms: Operation & Maintenance
All Massachusetts solid waste facilities are required by 310 CMR 19.018 to undergo periodic third-party operation and maintenance inspections.

Third-Party Inspection Forms: Waste Ban Compliance
All Massachusetts solid waste facilities are required by 310 CMR 19.018 to undergo periodic third-party waste ban compliance inspections.

Registered Solid Waste Facility Third-Party Inspector Lookup
Search the ePLACE Public Access Portal for qualified environmental professionals. Click "Search on all Online Authorizations" and then "Advanced Search." Check the "Solid Waste" box and then click Search.

MassDEP Waste Disposal Bans
Learn about waste ban training and other requirements for being listed by MassDEP as a qualified third-party waste ban inspector.

Waste Determinations & Demonstrations

SW 14: Special Waste Determinations
MassDEP review and approval are required whenever a solid waste facility wants to accept one or more wastes that need special handling.

SW 32, 33, 35: Demonstration Projects
Certain new or innovative solid waste technologies or processes are required to undergo the demonstration process.

SW 39, 40, 41, 42, 44: Beneficial Use Determinations
MassDEP must determine that the proposed use of a solid waste as a substitute for a commercial product or commodity will be beneficial and not harm public health or the environment.

Beverage Container Redemption

Deposit Bottle & Can Recycling
Learn how to register a bottle and can redemption center you plan to open and operate in Massachusetts, and see an example of required signage.

Dredge, Fill & Soil Management

Shipping Record & Log: Contaminated Soil, Urban Fill & Dredge Materials - Word | PDF
Must be completed for shipment of contaminated soil, urban fill, or dredge materials if a 21C hazardous waste manifest or 21E bill of lading is not applicable.