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Meeting notes and materials

Notice: The National Office released an Information Collection Request for joint performance under WIOA. The official notice and reporting package (supporting statement, templates, etc.) is located at: The comment period ends May 26, 2016.  Make sure to click the “All” box to see each of the documents.

Notice: Comments are requested on changes proposed to the Combined State plan. A pdf with changes highlighted from the original version is below:

State Plan Instructions (revised)

Some changes have been made with respect to performance measures. Of particular interest are the required federal measures for which we must propose goals.  

Comments should be submitted at the following link: Make sure to note OMB Control Number 1205-0522.!searchResults;rpp=25;po=0;s=OMB%252B1205-0522;fp=true;ns=true


Notice: Comment Request for Information Collection for the Workforce Performance Accountability, Information, and Reporting System (OMB Control No. 1205-3NEW), new collection:!docketDetail;D=ETA-2015-0008

Notice: Comment Request for Information Collection for the WIOA Performance Management, Information, and Reporting System

The Federal Register Notice for the WIOA Information Collection is officially published and open for comment. You may access the notice and supporting documentation which includes the proposed reporting templates for the WIOA Statewide Performance Report, WIOA Participant Individual Record Layout, and the Data Element Specifications at!docketDetail;D=ETA-2015-0007.

Comments are due September 21, 2015.

Performance Measurements Workgroup goals:

  • Review WIOA Accountability Measures and Assess Readiness of Core Program Agencies to Respond
  • Identify systems impacts and changes needed by program agencies
  • Identify new state level performance measure to reflect workforce system goals

Open Meeting Law guide and certificate

Performance Workgroup Meetings
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Performance Workgroup Resources
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