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Division of Ecological Restoration's Publications

Here you can find Division of Ecological Restoration's (DER) annual reports, recent newsletters, and reports.

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Annual Reports

DER's Newsletter - Ebb & Flow

DER staff measure streamflow

DER's e-newsletter, Ebb & Flow, contains restoration news, resources, and DER project updates. Sign up to receive Ebb & Flow.

Ebb & Flow - 2021

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Ebb & Flow - 2019

Ebb & Flow, Fall 2019

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Ebb & Flow - 2018

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Restoration and Economy Reports

Dam removal under construction

The people of Massachusetts have long understood the benefits that restored ecosystems provide for humans and wildlife, but until recently the economic value of that restoration hadn’t been quantified. To address this information gap, we commissioned three studies to estimate the economic benefits produced by our restoration projects. Below you'll find a summary of the reports, the full reports and 2019 economic impact analysis of two specific dam removals.

Economic Benefits from Aquatic Ecological Restoration Projects in Massachusetts: Summary of Three Phases of Investigation

Phase 1 Economic Impacts of Ecological Restoration in Massachusetts

Phase 2 Estimates of Ecosystem Service Values from Ecological Restoration Projects in Massachusetts Summary

Phase 3 Economic & Community Benefits from Stream Barrier Removal Projects in Massachusetts

Economic Benefits of Two Dam Removals