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The Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR) invites you to attend one of our free Small Business Workshops (SBW). Small Business Workshops are designed for new business owners who are unfamiliar with business tax requirements. If you cannot attend a Small Business Workshop (SBW) in person or one is not currently scheduled, check out DOR's SBW video series.
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Attend a Small Business Workshop (SBW)

If you are considering starting your own business but do not know where to begin, a DOR Small Business Workshop (SBW) is the answer.

As DOR's trainer Brian Lynch explains, “The SBW is designed for the newer business owner to clarify the processes of registration, filing, and remittance of Massachusetts income and trustee taxes. We discuss the structure of the various business entities such as sole-proprietorships, partnerships, corporations and LLCs. Because most of the attendees are entrepreneurs, we discuss Schedule C, self-employment and estimated taxes. The requirements of a partnership are presented as well as how to incorporate or establish an LLC in Massachusetts together with the associated forms, due dates and payments.”

Sales tax is a popular topic among the attendees. “There is always considerable discussion about buying from a wholesaler, selling retail in MA and/or out of state and the remittance of sales tax to DOR,” said Brian.  In addition, employment taxes are covered along with DOR’s online application through MassTaxConnect

Questions and feedback are encouraged in an environment where everyone learns from each other. Most importantly you can attend a SBW for free and get your business off to the right start.

Select here to view up-coming SBW's. 

Video – Introducing DOR's Small Business Workshop

Video – Module 1: Personal Income Taxes

Video – Module 2: Sales, Use, and Meals Taxes

Video – Module 3: Employment and Withholding Taxes

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Register your business with MassTaxConnect, DOR's web-based application for filing and paying taxes. 

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