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DUA employer customer service resources

Information about contacting the Department of Unemployment Assistance (DUA) Employer Customer Service electronically and links to self-service resources.

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Report fraud, refusal of work, and other issues

Employers can report employees who refuse to return to work, suspected fraud, or inquire about other issues by completing the complaint form at the following link: Return to work employer complaint form

Additional Resources

Respond to claims questionnaires

Contact the benefits call center at (617) 626-6800 for assistance with completing fact-finding questionnaires such as those listed below. Select Option 1, then Option 2 for the fact-finding line.

  • Employer Wage Requests
  • Lack of Work Questionnaires
  • Remuneration/Severance Pay Questionnaires
  • Confirmation of Employment

If you've received a fact-finding questionnaire related to a fraudulent or improper claim, review these employer fraud reporting instructions.

Additional Resources

Self-service resources

If you are having trouble accessing your account, please refer to this guide to reset your password.

Don't forget our self-service options:

Need help?

Contact the Employer Customer Service Call Center at (617) 626-5075.

  • For questions on benefit charge protests, reimbursable bills, benefit charge statements, or seasonal certification, press 1
  • For assistance with password reset, press 2
  • For questions on account registration, suspending or reviving an employer account, business transfer, or user issues, press 3
  • For questions on wage reporting, adjustments, refunds, out of state wage credits, deferrals, or Third-Party Agent (TPA) assistance, press 4
  • For questions on intercept, payment plans, certified assessments, liens, levies, bankruptcy, certificates of compliance, demand notices, or audit, press 5

You also can send an email to the appropriate mailbox below. Please include in all email correspondence with DUA:

  • The legal name of the business
  • Your employer account number (EAN)
  • Your federal tax identification number (FEIN)
  • A detailed summary explaining your issue

Please note: All email requests must come from the authorized user on your DUA account.

Employer Charge:

  • Benefit Protests
  • Benefit Charge Statements

For assistance, please email EmployerCharge@detma.org.

Seasonal Certification:

  • Seasonal Certification Applications

For assistance, please email DUASeasonalCert@mass.gov

Employer Liability:

  • Acquisitions/Mergers
  • Add a UI Online System Administrator
  • Address Change
  • Business Transfer
  • Change in Organizational Type
  • Employer Password Reset
  • Legal Name Change
  • New Employer Registration
  • Suspend/Revive Employer Account

For assistance please email: UIEmployerHelp@DETMA.ORG

Employer Reports:

For assistance, please email: UIEmployerReports@DETMA.ORG

Employer Rates:

  • Unemployment Insurance (UI) and Employer Medical Assistance Contribution (EMAC) Contribution Rates
  • Solvency Rate
  • COVID-19 Recovery Assessment Rate
  • Requests for UI Contribution Rate Reviews
  • Voluntary Contributions

For assistance please email: UIEmployerRates@mass.gov


  • Federal Payment Intercept
  • State Payment Intercept
  • Requests for Review

For assistance please email: EOLEmployerIntercept@mass.gov

Revenue Enforcement:

  • Audit
  • Bank Levies
  • Bankruptcy
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Certified Assessments
  • Cumulative Statements of Amounts Past Due
  • Demand Notices
  • Judgments
  • Liens
  • Payment Plans
  • Petitions for Reassessment

For assistance please email: Revenue.Enforcement@detma.org


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