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Tradespersons Statewide Contracts

Tradespersons Statewide Contracts address Departmental and municipal construction, installation, maintenance, and repair needs across the Commonwealth.


Trades Contract Reopening

The Operational Services Division (OSD), the state agency that establishes and manages Statewide Contracts for the Commonwealth, offers buyers numerous trades categories across four contracts:

  • TRD01: Boilers; Drains; Electrical; Fencing; General Contracting; Generator/Turbine; Glass/Window/Doors; HVAC/Sheet Metal; Painting; Plumbing, Solar Array Inspection
  • TRD02: Asphalt Paving; Carpentry; Excavation; Masonry; Septic
  • TRD03Elevator; Exhaust Services; Fire Detection; Fire Suppression; Overhead Doors; Signage; Welding
  • TRD04: Cleaning/Restoration; Compressor/Kitchen Exhaust; Pump & Motor; Roofing; and Biohazardous Site Cleaning



OSD has announced the reopening of the Trades Statewide Contracts to add additional vendors. TRD01 and TRD03 will reopen in May 2024 and TRD02 and TRD04 will reopen in late summer/early fall 2024.

The reopening of these contracts will fill out service categories that currently have insufficient coverage across the state and provide opportunities for trades businesses to work with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Businesses interested in working with the state are encouraged to take the following steps to express interest in these Statewide Contract bid opportunities.

  1. Get registered in COMMBUYS, the state’s purchasing and procurement system.
  2. Review the bid opportunity, once posted.
  3. Submit a quote.

Refer to our March 28, 2024, communication for additional details.


Buyers - Use the Trades Index to Find Awarded Vendors

The Trades Index is a quick and easy way to see which vendors are on contract. Simply select your county and desired Trades category from the dropdowns and the Trades Index returns a list of awarded vendors, along with their contact and pricing information.


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