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Vendor IT Opportunities with the Commonwealth

Information for the vendor community on how to work with the Commonwealth to deploy quality information technology solutions.

As technology becomes more incorporated into the fabric of state government operations, the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS) has undertaken transformational IT projects aimed at meeting the demands of a digital era and increased cybersecurity threats.

As a result, the Commonwealth has embraced a new enterprise approach to IT infrastructure and services; unified security operations, risk management, and data privacy to ensure the continuity of government operations; and harnessed innovative technology solutions to enhance citizen-centric digital services.

Moving forward, EOTSS is looking to leverage the growing interest in digital-centric services and a more resilient state government. In addition to enhancing citizen user experience and streamlining agency business operations, there are opportunities in Fiscal Years (FY) 2023-2025 to expedite investments in consolidated network infrastructure, complete the migration of applications and systems out of state-run data centers, and expand the capacity and capabilities of our unified Security Operations Center (SOC).

Table of Contents

IT opportunities for vendors

Strategic roadmap

EOTSS welcomes engagement with partners in the vendor community to procure and deploy high-caliber technologies that meet our strategic goals. EOTSS has developed an Enterprise IT Strategic Plan for FY23-25 to help secretariat and agency leadership make informed decisions for their agencies and the impacts to their constituents.


EOTSS oversees the IT capital investment portfolio and related program management through its Office of Capital Planning. The EOTSS Secretary, in collaboration with the IT Investment Advisory Board (IIAB), reviews and recommends projects to the Governor and the Secretary for Administration & Finance (A&F) for inclusion in the annual Capital Investment Plan (CIP).  The IIAB also considers emergency and contingency funding requests and regularly reviews the progress of ongoing projects. The Board helps ensure that IT capital funding is allocated strategically on projects that align with the Commonwealth’s goals of enhancing its security and improving its delivery of government services for the people of the Commonwealth.  Please refer to the FY23-27 IT Capital Investment Plan to browse the projects and programs for which the IIAB will select vendors.

Working with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

EOTSS can help guide you through the steps and requirements for doing business with the Commonwealth.

Below, you'll find the definitions of commonly used terms, direct links to the most important documents and materials, and instructions to make it easy for you to work with EOTSS.

The EOTSS Contract Management Unit provides contract review and contract negotiation services on large scale projects across the Commonwealth, such as Modern Workplace; Adobe e-sign, Paid Family and Medical Leave (PFML), and the process improvement ‘BEST’ project, to name a few.  To date, our Contract Management Team has negotiated and established highly discounted enterprise volume license agreements with several major software providers, resulting in a structured, centrally managed program that prioritizes contractual data security obligations, and ensures access to security patches and bug fixes for software deployments across the Commonwealth.  Please visit the unit’s page for additional information on how to conduct business with EOTSS. 

Getting started


The Commonwealth uses a service called COMMBUYS to manage contracts and bids for services.  

COMMBUYS will provide you with access to current procurements in the Commmonwealth. Once registered, you can submit responses to procurements for EOTSS' review and evaluation.

Primary types of procurements

Request for Information (RFI)

RFIs are open to responses from any vendor registered on COMMBUYS.  They are market research tools used to gain insight and feedback from the vendor community to help inform EOTSS' procurement process. RFIs posted on COMMBUYS will not result in a contract.

Request for Responses (RFR) 

RFRs are open to responses from any vendor registered on COMMBUYS. RFRs are similar to Requests For Proposal (RFPs) in the private sector and will result in a contract. There are two types of RFRs:

  • Departmental Contract RFRs provide requirements and specifications for a specific project. Vendors are invited to respond to these requirements and specifications with specific solutions and pricing information. EOTSS (or the RFR issuing entity) will evaluate all responses and award one or more contracts. 
  • Statewide Contract RFRs provide a general overview of a category of services or products, with no specific project information. Vendors may respond with general descriptions of their market offerings. The Commonwealth will evaluate all responses and award multiple vendors. Vendors who are awarded under a Statewide Contract RFR will enter into a Statewide Contract, which allows them to bid on Requests for Quotes (RFQs).  

In order to respond to an RFR, vendors will need to 

Request for Quotes (RFQ) 

RFQs are only open to responses from vendors who are registered on COMMBUYS and who have been awarded under a Statewide Contract (see Requests for Response section above). RFQs include project-specific requirements and specifications. Statewide Contract Vendors are invited to respond to these requirements and specifications with specific solutions and pricing information. EOTSS (or the RFQ issuing entity) will evaluate the responses and award one or more contracts.

What is a Statewide Contract?

The Operational Services Division (OSD) manages contracts for various goods and services known as Statewide Contracts. Executive Departments like EOTSS are required to procure (or buy) goods and services under these existing Statewide Contracts whenever possible.

OSD holds Statewide Contracts for goods and services ranging from clothing and footwear to technology and software. See a complete list.

RFRs for Statewide Contracts invite vendors to respond and register as Statewide Contract Vendors. Statewide Contract Vendors have access to all RFQs under the applicable Statewide Contract posted by the Commonwealth.

Current Statewide Contracts for Information Technology

Why use State Contracts?

Getting on Statewide Contract has many benefits, including the ability to work with EOTSS and scores of other state organizations.

It also lets you bid on projects across multiple business sectors, which can be found listed here.

The state benefits because these contracts help organizations save time, save money, and provide access to environmentally preferred products (EPPs). It also provides immediate access to diverse vendors.  

If you have questions, please email the team at EOTSSPCOteam@mass.gov

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