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Tradespersons Statewide Contracts

Tradespersons Statewide Contracts address Departmental and municipal construction, installation, maintenance, and repair needs across the Commonwealth.

Buyers and Vendors - What to know

The Operational Services Division, the state agency that establishes and manages Statewide Contracts for the Commonwealth, offers buyers 27 trades categories across four contracts:

  • TRD01: Boilers; Drains; Electrical; Fencing; General Contracting; Generator/Turbine; Glass/Window/Doors; HVAC/Sheet Metal; Painting; Plumbing (The enrollment period for TRD01 has concluded.  Based on need, the Sourcing Team may reopen this contract in the future.)
  • TRD02: Asphalt Paving; Carpentry; Excavation; Masonry; Septic
  • TRD03Elevator; Exhaust Services; Fire Detection; Fire Suppression; Overhead Doors; Signage; Welding
  • TRD04: Cleaning/Restoration; Compressor/Kitchen Exhaust/Duct; Pump & Motor; Roofing

Buyers! Use the Trades Index to Find Awarded Vendors

The Trades Index is a quick and easy way to see which vendors are on contract. Simply select your county and desired Trades category from the dropdowns and the Trades Index returns a list of awarded vendors, along with their contact and pricing information.

Vendors – Look to COMMBUYS for Future Opportunities to Get on Contract

The open enrollment periods for the four trades contracts currently have concluded; however, the Sourcing Teams may reopen these opportunities in the future based on need. Check COMMBUYS for updates.

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