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Tradespersons Statewide Contracts

Tradespersons Statewide Contracts address Departmental and municipal construction, installation, maintenance, and repair needs across the Commonwealth.

Buyers and Vendors - What to know

The Operational Services Division, the state agency that establishes and manages Statewide Contracts for the Commonwealth, offers buyers numerous trades categories across four contracts:

  • TRD01: Boilers; Drains; Electrical; Fencing; General Contracting; Generator/Turbine; Glass/Window/Doors; HVAC/Sheet Metal; Painting; Plumbing, Solar Array Inspection
  • TRD02: Asphalt Paving; Carpentry; Excavation; Masonry; Septic
  • TRD03Elevator; Exhaust Services; Fire Detection; Fire Suppression; Overhead Doors; Signage; Welding
  • TRD04: Cleaning/Restoration; Compressor/Kitchen Exhaust/Duct; Pump & Motor; Roofing

Tradesperson Contract Thresholds to Change 

Effective July 1, 2023, the labor or service thresholds for all Tradesperson Services Contracts (TRD) will change. As of that date, all TRD contracted work – regardless of labor amount – will require Buyers to seek three responses from Statewide Contract Vendors despite expected labor totals being under $10,000. This means that any work to be performed on a Statewide Contract – involving TRD installation, repair and maintenance services, or construction – with labor estimated between $1 and $50,000 - will require three responses, two of which must be actual dollar quotes.  

The only caveat to this change is if labor and materials combined (including vendor mark-ups identified on their Bidder Response Form located in their COMMBUYS file) is under $10,000. Then, a Buyer may go directly to a TRD Vendor and award the work. Buyers always should request labor and materials be separated on all quotes. Regardless of the job, OSD always recommends Buyers get three responses to all quote requests to guarantee a best value procurement.   

Refer TRD Statewide Contract questions to Kelly Thompson Clark


Buyers! Use the Trades Index to Find Awarded Vendors

The Trades Index is a quick and easy way to see which vendors are on contract. Simply select your county and desired Trades category from the dropdowns and the Trades Index returns a list of awarded vendors, along with their contact and pricing information.


OSD Sourcing Teams open and close the Trades Contracts periodically for vendor bid response based on need. Currently, these contracts are closed for bidder response. Register in COMMBUYS to have the opportunity to be notified of future SWC bids.

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