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Apply for a gas supplier or retail agent license

Information on applying for a new gas supplier or retail agent license and filing a motion for protective treatment.
Applicants will hear back within 20 business days after submitting a completed application

DPU Gas Division

The Details

What you need

Gas suppliers and retail agents should mail: 

  1. a complete application (the DPU will not review incomplete applications or gas supplier applications that do not provide documentation that the Applicant is an approved shipper on the upstream pipelines)
  2. a $100 check made out to the Department of Public Utilities (we cannot accept other forms of payment)
  3. an additional paper copy of the application
  4. an electronic copy of the application on CD-ROM or USB key

If you are requesting that some information in the application be kept confidential, you must also provide:

  1. motion for protective treatment
  2. an unredacted copy of the materials for which protection is sought (with each page marked confidential)
  3. a redacted (or public) copy of the materials


Name Fee Unit
Gas supplier and retail agent application for new applicants $100 per license application

How to apply

Download the applicable form below and mail all of the information to:

Department of Public Utilities
c/o Mark D. Marini, Secretary
One South Station, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02110

Next steps

  1. License application review

    After reviewing your application, we will contact the regulatory contact listed on the application by phone or email to clarify any statements and ask questions.  The Department has 20 business days after the submission of a completed application to approve or deny the application. 220 CMR 14.02(2)(d)

  2. DPU notification

    If the DPU approves your new license application, we will notify the regulatory contact listed on the application by mail with the approval letter. 

    If the DPU denies your license application, we will notify the regulatory contact listed on the application by mail.

  3. Requirements to remain licensed

    After receiving a license, gas suppliers and retail agents must:

    1. File updated information to the DPU within 30 days of any material change in its license information. 220 CMR 14.04(2).
    2. Submit a yearly renewal application if it wishes to remain licensed. 220 CMR 14.04(2).

More info

  1. What is the difference between a gas supplier and a retail agent? 
    • The Department defines a gas supplier as an entity licensed to sell natural gas and related services to retail customers.  220 CMR 14.02.  A gas supplier holds a title to the natural gas at city gate deliveries.
    • The Department defines a retail agent as an entity licensed to facilitate or otherwise arrange for the purchase and sale of natural gas and related services to customers.  220 CMR 14.02.  A retail agent acts as a conduit between gas suppliers and customers.
  2. Is a gas supplier or retail agent license applicant allowed to provide services to customers while its application is pending with the DPU?
    • No.  In order to provide services to customers in Massachusetts, you must first be licensed by the DPU.



Department of Public Utilities, 1 South Station, 5th floor, Boston, MA 02110

Open M-F 8:45 am- 5:00 pm

(617) 478-2587


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