Pending competitive supply company license applications

Here you can view all the entities that apply for a new competitive supply, electricity broker, or retail agent license application. You will also find instructions on how to get notified of new applications that are submitted and how to submit comments on new applications that the DPU receives.

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Filing comments about an application

Complete license applications received by the DPU after July 1, 2020 will be posted publicly on the file room.  From the date the license application is posted, you have 15 business days to submit comments.  You must send your comments to:

  2. and

Based on your comments, the DPU may ask additional questions of the competitive supply company.

Adding yourself to the distribution list

If you want to be notified of new competitive supply license applications filed with the DPU, send an email to requesting to be added to the competitive supply license distribution list.

Electric competitive supplier license applications

Name of competitive supplierFiling numberDate comments due
David Energy Supply, LLC 20-CS-04 
Hampshire Power Corporation20-CS-078/14/20
Catalyst Power and Gas, LLC21-CS-013/1/21
Great American Gas & Electric20-CS-033/29/21
SmartestEnergy US, LLC21-CS-024/6/21
Maven Energy21-CS-0312/28/21
EnPowered USA Inc.22-CS-014/14/22
Octopus Energy, LLC22-CS-025/13/22

Electricity broker license applications

Name of electricity brokerFiling numberDate comments due
Power Target, LLC 20-EB-168/5/20
Transatlantic Energy Group, LLC20-EB-178/5/20
iSolar, LLC20-EB-188/14/20
 Power 2 Profit Energy Solutions, Inc.20-EB-198/14/20
Loon Energy Group, LLC20-EB-20 
Energy CX, LLC20-EB-2110/05/20
W. Robert Patterson and Associates20-EB-22 
Gotham Energy Consulting Services, LLC20-EB-2312/11/20
Blue & Silver Energy Consulting, LLC 20-EB-241/27/21
Tenaska Power Management21-EB-012/19/21
Hercules Energy20-EB-252/26/21
Energy Watch, LLC21-EB-023/11/21
Palm Energy, LLC21-EB-033/11/21
New Era Power, LLC21-EB-043/11/21
Protocall Communications Inc.21-EB-054/20/21
Stark Commodity Advisors, LLC21-EB-075/20/21
Encap Development, LLC21-EB-127/22/21
BCS Walden Pond, LLC21-EB-087/28/21
Supreme Energy, LLC21-EB-138/13/21
Achieve Energy Solutions, LLC21-EB-148/12/21
Energy Purchasing Group21-EB-118/19/21
M&R Energy21-EB-159/9/21
Dovetail Energy Services, LLC21-EB-1710/22/21
EN-Power Group21-EB-1811/8/21
Solution Energy21-EB-1911/10/21
PPEG, LLC d/b/a Power Play Energy Group21-EB-202/10/22
Energy Analysis Group, LLC22-EB-022/23/22
Maryland Energy Advisors LLC d/b/a pointswitchclick.com22-EB-013/2/22
Mark Macaulay, LLC d/b/a Atlantic Energy Solutions22-EB-035/23/22
Utiliz Services, LLC22-EB-046/8/22
Onix Energy22-EB-057/6/22
Worthington Energy Consultants22-EB-067/6/22
Sprague Operating Resources, LLC23-EB-122/22/24

Gas supplier license applications

Name of gas supplierFiling numberDate comments due
Catalyst Power & Gas, LLC 21-GS-013/11/21
Great American Gas & Electric20-GS-023/29/21

Gas retail agent license applications

Name of gas retail agentFiling numberDate comments due
Power Target, LLC20-RA-108/5/20
Zentility, Inc. 20-RA-119/22/20
Loon Energy Group, LLC 20-RA-1310/02/20
Energy CX, LLC20-RA-1410/02/20
Globele Energy, LLC20-RA-1510/05/20
W. Robert Patterson and Associates20-RA-16 
Vervantis, Inc.20-RA-1710/28/20
Energy Edge Consulting, LLC20-RA-181/7/21
Energy Auction Exchange20-RA-201/21/21
Palm Energy, LLC 21-RA-013/11/21
Protocall Communications Inc.21-RA-024/2/21
Gold Star Energy, LLC21-RA-034/20/21
ALLMass Energy, LLC21-RA-046/10/21
Gotham Energy 360, LLC20-RA-196/28/21
SKI Brokerage21-RA-057/16/21
Tomorrow's Utilities, Inc.21-RA-068/6/21
M&R Energy21-RA-089/9/21
Dovetail Energy Services, LLC21-RA-0910/22/21
Lewis A DeRosa21-RA-1010/26/21
PPEG LLC d/b/a Power Play Energy Group22-RA-012/10/22
Maryland Energy Advisors LLC d/b/a pointswitchclick.com22-RA-022/10/22
Energy Analysis Group, LLC22-RA-032/23/22
Utiliz Services22-RA-044/14/22
Live Energy Inc.22-RA-054/27/22
Mark Macaulay, LLC d/b/a Atlantic Energy Solutions22-RA-075/23/22
Onix Energy22-RA-087/6/22
Worthington Energy Consultants22-RA-097/6/22
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