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Shattuck Hospital Relocation: Recent Updates

Get the latest information about plans to relocate all medical and psychiatric services at Shattuck Hospital to the former East Newton Pavilion building at 88 East Newton Street.

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Latest update: April 29, 2021

April 29, 2021: Project Update re: Lemuel Shattuck Hospital at 88 East Newton Street

Please see the following update to the Lemuel Shattuck Hospital move to 88 East Newton Street. State contractors will be on site to take test borings to assess the soil for suitability. Sampling at numerous locations will be performed around the exterior perimeter of the building using a truck mounted drill rig. This work will cause some traffic and loud noise disruption in the immediate area surrounding the building, but only on May 7th.  On the other days, the contractors will be marking locations for the drilling – see more details below.

This work will commence starting May 3rd to mark the sample locations (no drilling), on May 5th they will assess the locations to identify if there are any underground utilities (no drilling), on Friday, May 7th they will be drilling between the hours of 7am to 4pm and will be completed that day.   It is likely that access from the alley to Albany Street will be obstructed during the drilling on the 7th.  A police detail has been scheduled to be on site during this process to assist with traffic flow on May 7th.

While significant construction at the site is not planned to begin until July 2021, small projects like the boring samples are part of the preconstruction phase of the project. We will make every effort to keep you informed throughout this process.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Hunt at

We very much appreciate your patience and understanding as we begin this important public health project.

Download: Project Update re: Lemuel Shattuck Hospital at 88 East Newton Street 4/29/2021

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