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The Trial Court Law Libraries have compiled this list of agency and commission decisions available online. Please let us know if you locate additional decisions and we will add them here.

If you have trouble locating an agency decision or opinion, or if the decision you are seeking predates what is available online, it may be available in the State Library of Massachusetts' print collections.

Decisions available

Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission

Appellate Tax Board

Attorney General

Automatic Sprinkler Appeals Board

Decisions relating to sprinkler requirements for "nightclubs, dancehalls, discotheques, bars and similar uses."

Board of Bar Overseers

Board of Registration of Hazardous Waste Cleanup Professionals

"Pursuant to Section 5 of the Board's regulations, a Licensed Site Professional or an attorney acting on his or her behalf may at any time request an Advisory Ruling interpreting one or more of the Board's Rules of Professional Conduct at 309 CMR 4.00 et. seq."

Board of Registration in Medicine

"Recommended (non-final) decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] on appeals by physicians from disciplinary actions by the Board of Registration in Medicine." Arranged by subject, no dates of coverage given.

Board of Review

The Board decides unemployment appeals from hearings conducted by the Department of Unemployment Assistance. "The Board of Review decisions available on this website have been selected for posting because, in the Board’s opinion, they contain significant issues, create new precedent, or may provide useful guidance to parties and their representatives."

Civil Service Commission

"Decisions on appeals filed by public employees and job applicants who are entitled to certain protections under the civil service law. These cases are heard directly by the Civil Service Commission or by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals, which then submits a recommended decision to the Commission." Arranged by subject, no dates of coverage given.

Contributory Retirement Appeal Board (CRAB)

Department of Early Education and Care

"Recommended decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] in appeals by child care and other licensed early education providers contesting sanctions proposed by the Department of Early Education and Care (EEC)."

Department of Education

Department of Environmental Protection

  • Appeals Decisions, 2010-date
  • Environmental Decisions, through 2010. "Recommended (non-final) decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] on appeals of Department of Environmental Protection permit and enforcement actions."

Department of Industrial Accidents

Division of Labor Relations-Commonwealth Employment Relations Board

Department of Public Health

"Decisions [by the Division of Administrative Law Appeals] on health service and public assistance benefits provider appeals of Department of Public Health disciplinary actions."

Department of Transportation

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation Office of the Administrative Law Judge holds hearings and makes decisions on transportation-related disputes. The annual reports provide the status and disposition of appeals and other matters brought to the Office.

Division of Administrative Law Appeals

"Contains preliminary and final decisions on appeals heard by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), the Division of Administrative Law Appeals (DALA), and other independent and quasi-independent agencies."

Division of Banks

Division of Insurance

The Commissioner of Insurance conducts hearings and issues decisions on a wide range of topics, including statewide insurance rate cases, enforcement actions taken by the Division against its licensees, the financial control and structure of certain domestic insurers, and administrative appeals.

Energy Facilities Siting Board

"The Energy Facilities Siting Board licenses proposals to construct certain energy facilities, including large power plants, electric transmission lines, natural gas pipelines, and natural gas storage tanks."

Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development

Executive Office of Public Safety and Security

Health Professions Licensure

Disciplinary and other decisions:

Housing Appeals Committee

The Housing Appeals Committee provides "an impartial forum to resolve conflicts arising from the siting of new affordable housing."

Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD)

Public Records Determinations

The Supervisor of Public Records reviews appeals made by public records requestors and issues determinations within 10 business days of receipt of the appeal.

Retirement Decisions

"Decisions on appeals of state and municipal retirement board and Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission actions on public employee retirement benefits."

State Ethics Commission

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