ESM assessment forms and manuals

Please find the following on this page: The ESM training schedule, Intake forms and manuals, Enrollment and Disenrollment Assessment forms and manuals

ESM training

This training will assist the provider with the submission of quality data. The training helps providers better understand how to enter the information requested by BSAS.

The training includes testing and a Certificate of Completion. It is highly recommended for all staff who works with the ESM Intake, Enrollment, and Disenrollment Forms.

Table of Contents

EIM/ESM Release of Client/Confidential Information

Acute Treatment Services (ATS or Detox) Programs

Compulsive Gambling Programs

MA Impaired Driver (MID) - First Offender (formerly known as DAE-First Offender)

MA Impaired Driver (MID) - Second Offender (Aftercare and 14-Day Residential)

Family Residential - Adult

Family Residential and Family Supportive Housing - Children

Sober Living Programs

House of Correction Programs


Opioid Urgent Care Center

Outpatient Programs

Parole Re-entry Programs

CSS (Clinical Stabilization Services)

TSS (Transitional Support Services)

Residential Programs

Recovery Support Centers

Section 35 (Civil Commitment) Programs

School Based Intervention

Moms Do Care (MDC)

Access to Recovery (ATR)

Collaborative and Transitional Models for MAT (CTM)

Home Visit Initiative (First Steps Together)

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