Past Training - Site Cleanup Resource Material

Links to resource material (handouts, readings) from past training workshops.

Table of Contents

Audit/Enforcement (2016)

Audit/Enforcement (2013)

Audit/Enforcement (2010-11)

Brownfields (2018)

Construction Activities at Disposal Sites

Ecological Risk Assessment (2011)

Enforcement Basics (2017)

Geothermal/Ground-Source Heat Pump (2015)

Greener Cleanups (2014)

MCP Regulatory Reform (2014)

NPDES General permit Requirements (2017)

Oil Spill Prevention & Response Training

Oil Spills - #2 Fuel Spill Characterization (2013)

Operation, Maintenance & Monitoring Response Actions (2010)

REDUA - Representativeness Evaluation and Data Usability Assessment (2008)

Renewable Energy on Contaminated Land (2012)

Right from the Start: MCP Notification and Preliminary Response Action Requirements (2018)

VPH by GC/MS and Current MCP Topics (2017)

VPH/EPH Approach (1997)


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