Manual  MassDOT Project Development and Design Guide

This guide serves as a national model for developing context-sensitive, community-friendly road and bridge projects.

Organization: Highway Division Massachusetts Department of Transportation
Date published: October 4, 2023


The purpose of the Project Development and Design Guide (PDDG) is to define the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) Highway Division’s project development process and guide the planning and design of transportation projects. The PDDG’s intended audience includes planners, designers, practitioners, and decision makers.

The previous edition of the PDDG, published in 2006, expanded MassDOT’s framework for incorporating context-sensitive design and multimodal elements into transportation improvement projects. This edition of the PDDG expands on those elements and formally incorporates process changes and guidance revisions that have occurred since 2006. MassDOT is actively updating the 2006 edition’s content and modernizing the PDDG to a web-based format to aid the ease and regularity of future updates. Updated chapters are published in this new web-based format. For chapters currently undergoing updates, the 2006 edition is temporarily posted to that chapter’s web page.

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