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Opinion Opinion 98-3

Date: 03/31/1998
Organization: Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court

Ethical Opinions for Clerks of the Courts

Political activities by self and family members.


Thank you for your letter of January 11, 1998.

You are an assistant clerk in the District Court. In your letter you requested advice from this Committee relative to political activity performed by immediate members of your family. It is the opinion of this committee that we are not authorized to make any determinations concerning members of your family. Our opinions are given only to the persons serving in positions covered by the Code of Professional Responsibility for Clerks of the Courts.

Secondly, the Committee rules that under Canon (6) of the Code, you are prohibited from engaging in political activity yourself.

Thirdly, the Committee would call to your attention Opinion 94-4 , concerning attendance at political functions, Opinion 95-4 concerning attendance at political events, Opinion 96-4, concerning political activity in the form of attendance at a political event, and Opinion 96-5 , concerning political activity using one's home for political events.

Lastly, we would caution you that your family's participation and activities should not shield any involvement of yours in political activity. We strongly urge you to consult Canon 4 Impartiality and Disqualifications - especially 4(A) concerning Appearance of Impartiality and 4(B) Personal Affairs. This same prohibition is echoed in Canon 5 - Outside Activities.

Let it be noted that in response to your request for specific references to political activity in the opinions of the Committee, you were furnished with a complete set of the Committee's opinions.


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