Early Literacy Expert Panel members and staff

The members of the Early Literacy Expert Panel, appointed by the Secretary, represent deep professional expertise in a range of domains related to children’s reading proficiency.

Panel members and staff

Early Literacy Panel Members

  • Ann Reale, co-chair, Undersecretary of Education, Massachusetts Executive Office of Education
    • Designee of Secretary of Education James Peyser, co-chair
  • Nonie Lesaux, co-chair, Academic Dean, Harvard Graduate School of Education
  • Lisa Antonelli, Kindergarten 1 Teacher, Eliot K-8 Innovation School, Boston
  • Maryellen Brunelle, Superintendent, Auburn Public Schools
  • Joan Kagan, President and Chief Executive Officer, Square One, Springfield
  • Amy O'Leary, Director of EEA Campaign, Strategies for Children
  • Mariela M. Páez, Associate Professor of Education, Boston College
  • Jessica R. Roth, Pediatrician, Children’s Hospital Boston and the Martha Eliot Health Center
  • Wayne Ysaguirre, President and CEO, Nurtury, Boston

Executive Office of Education Staff

Catherine McCourt, senior policy manager. Contact: catherine.mcCourt@mass.gov



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