Massachusetts Quality Rating and Improvement System (MA QRIS) Resources and Policies

The Department of Early Education and Care (EEC) created a series of resources to help programs reach higher levels of quality. Please visit this page often to stay up-to-date on MA QRIS policies and requirements.

EEC has paused MA QRIS to give programs time to focus on health and safety practices.  Please see the COVID-19 Child Care Playbook for information about minimum health and safety requirements as well as the pause of MA QRIS. However, EEC remains available to support your program’s continuous quality improvement efforts. Please see the resources below, and contact your Program Quality Specialist for more support.

MA QRIS Policy Guide

The MA QRIS Policy Guide includes answers to frequently asked questions about MA QRIS, as well as a list of policies related to the MA QRIS application process, the use of measurement tools, and qualifications and professional development requirements.

Additional Resources for

QRIS Toolbox for Programs

The QRIS Toolbox includes resources to help programs and providers with their QRIS applications.

MA QRIS Supports and Resources

This section includes supports and resources to help you with your MA QRIS application.

The QRIS Program Manager User Guide answers frequently asked questions about the QPM, including how to access the QPM, how to submit an MA QRIS application, and how to copy an application for the next MA QRIS Level.

If your program is receiving assistance from support people such as coaches, technical assistance providers, family child care system staff, or umbrella agency staff on its MA QRIS applications, please submit this MA QRIS Support Person Consent Form to your Program Quality Specialist.