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Trial Court Rules

Trial Court Rules Trial Court Rule XIII: Uniform Trial Court Rules for Civil Commitment Proceedings for Alcohol and Substance Use Disorders G. L. c.123 s.35


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Table of contents

  • Rule 1: Commencement of proceedings
  • Rule 2: Review of petition
  • Rule 3: Issuance of warrant or summons; Execution of warrant
  • Rule 4: Appointment of counsel
  • Rule 5: Order for examination
  • Rule 6: Conduct of the hearing; Standard of proof
  • Rule 7: Evidence
  • Rule 8: Findings and issuance of commitment order
  • Rule 9: Security of respondent
  • Rule 10: Proceedings when a respondent appears before a court other than the court that issued the warrant or summons
  • Rule 11: Appeal

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