Executive Order

Executive Order  No. 401: Governor's Task Force on Hate Crimes

Date: 12/05/1997
Issuer: Argeo Paul Cellucci, Acting Governor
Mass Register: No. 838
Revoked and Superseded by: Executive Order 578

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WHEREAS, the Governor's task force on hate crimes was initiated in 1991 to coordinate and give priority to state implementation of the Hate Crimes Reporting Act;

WHEREAS, the task force has brought together law enforcement officials and advocates for affected communities in a cooperative effort to improve law enforcement effectiveness in responding to hate crimes;

WHEREAS, the task force in 1994-96 led the successful legislative effort to amend the Hate Crimes Penalties Act to expand its scope and increase penalties for those who commit hate crimes:

WHEREAS, the task force is embarking on a statewide initiative to intensify state and local law enforcement efforts against hate crimes; WHEREAS, formalizing the task force will promote the continued success of the statewide initiative;

NOW THEREFORE, I, Argeo Paul Cellucci, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, by virtue of the authority vested in me as Supreme Executive Magistrate, do hereby order as follows:

Section 1. The Task Force, originally established by letter from Governor Weld in 1991, shall henceforth be known as the Governor's Task Force on Hate Crimes. The Task Force shall advise the Governor and the Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety on issues relating to the prevalence, deterrence, and prevention of hate crimes in the Commonwealth. In addition, it shall advise and assist the various agencies concerned in coordinating the implementation of the Hate Crimes Reporting Act, G.L. c. 22C, § 32 et seq. (the "Reporting Act"), and the Hate Crimes Penalties Act, G.L. c. 265, § 39 (the "Penalties Act"). To that end, the Task Force shall:

a) Promote full and effective cooperation and coordination among law enforcement agencies and communities affected by hate crimes, to improve prevention, investigation, and prosecution of hate crimes;

b) Coordinate hate crimes reporting pursuant to the Reporting Act, including assistance in gathering, analyzing, and publishing hate crime reports;

c) Coordinate training efforts relative to the subject of hate crimes;

d) Encourage and assist law enforcement agencies to enforce and comply with the Reporting Act and Penalties Act;

e) Recommend appropriate legislation and policies to better combat hate crimes; and

f) Assist state agencies in keeping current the regulations promulgated pursuant to the Reporting Act.

Section 2. The Task Force shall have two co-chairs, one of whom shall be the Governor or his designee, and the other shall be the Secretary of the Executive Office of Public Safety or her designee. The Task Force shall be composed of up to 15 persons appointed by the Governor, which persons may include representatives of the Attorney General's Office, the District Attorneys' Offices, the Massachusetts District Attorney's Association, the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, state and local police departments, victim assistance agencies, advocates for communities affected by hate crimes, and others with expertise or experience in hate crimes issues as the Governor may choose. Task Force members shall serve at the discretion of the Governor.

Section 3. The Task Force shall meet at such times and at such intervals as the Co-Chairs shall determine.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston the 5th day of December in the year one thousand nine hundred and ninety-seven.

Argeo Paul Cellucci
Acting Governor

William Francis Galvin
Secretary of State

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