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$1 million

Estate tax, Mass. Dept. of Revenue.
"If you're responsible for the estate of someone who has died, you may need to file an estate tax return. If the estate is worth less than $1,000,000, you don't need to file a return or pay an estate tax." Includes information and forms.

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.65C Massachusetts estate tax

Federal laws

Internal Revenue Code in effect as of December 31, 2000 
MGL c.65C, s.2A specifies "all references... in this chapter to the Internal Revenue Code, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise, shall be to the Code as in effect on December 31, 2000." This is an archived version of the document formerly hosted by the US House of Representatives.

26 USC 2001-2210 (current version): Estate tax

Federal regulations

26 CFR Pt. 20 Estate tax

Web sources

Frequently asked questions on estate taxes (federal), IRS.
Information for businesses and the self employed.  The filing threshold for 2022 is $12,060,000.

A guide to estate taxes, Mass. Dept. of Revenue.
The "adjusted taxable estate" used in determining the allowable credit for state death taxes in the table is the federal taxable estate (total federal gross estate minus allowable federal deductions) less $60,000. The rate ranges from .8% to 16%.

Print sources

Income taxation of trusts and estates, Tax Management, loose-leaf.

Official MASSTAX guide, West Pub. Co., annual, volume 4, Estate/Inheritance Tax.

Preparing fiduciary income, gift and estate tax returns, 3rd ed., MCLE, 2022.

Preparing fiduciary income tax returns, Federal and State, Matthew Bender, loose-leaf.

Taxation, annual. (Mass. practice, volume 4), West Group, Ch. 9. Estate Tax.

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