Massachusetts law about spam and junk mail

A compilation of laws, regulations, cases, and web sources on spam and junk mail law.

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Federal laws

15 USC §§ 7701 et seq. CAN-SPAM Act
Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing Act “establishes requirements for those who send commercial email, spells out penalties for spammers and companies whose products are advertised in spam if they violate the law, and gives consumers the right to ask emailers to stop spamming them."

Federal regulations

16 CFR 316 Federal Trade Commission, CAN-SPAM rule

47 CFR 64.3100 Federal Communications Commission, Restrictions on mobile service commercial messages

Selected case law

Commonwealth v. Kuvayev, Suffolk Sup. Ct. 05-1856-H, September 26, 2005
By sending numerous commercial emails to consumers, defendant violated the CAN-SPAM Act and the Massachusetts Consumer Protection Act and was ordered to pay $37 million in civil penalties.

Web sources

The CAN-SPAM act: a compliance guide for business, Federal Trade Commission
Explains the requirements of the law and its penalties.

Consumer guide to stopping junk mail,  Mass. Office of Consumer Affairs
Suggests steps for reducing junk mail and ways to protect yourself against spam.

Opt-out resources for unwanted junk mail, Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
Includes suggestions on how to cut down your junk mail.

Spam,  Federal Trade Commission
Offers tips on how to reduce spam and report it.

Stopping unsolicited mail, phone calls, and email, Federal Trade Commission
Provides contact information for consumer reporting companies and other organizations that can help stop unsolicited mail and email.



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