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Massachusetts law about submetering water for tenants

The submetering law allows landlords to separately bill tenants for water in certain circumstances. This is a compilation of laws, regulations, and web sources on water submetering law by the Trial Court Law Libraries.

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Massachusetts law

MGL c.186, § 22 Water submetering in residential tenancies

Massachusetts regulations

105 CMR 410.354 Metering of electricity and water
Allows landlords to separately bill tenants for electricity and water in certain circumstances.

Web sources

Water submetering: Costs, benefits and legal compliance MassLandlords. Provides extensive guidance for landlords on how to implement submetering of water in residential tenancies.

When can a tenant be billed directly for water under the new water law?, Mass. Legal Services 
"Under the new water law, landlords may now bill tenants separately for water if all of the following requirements are met: Landlord has installed submeters that measure actual water used in your apartment; Landlord has installed low-flow fixtures; Your tenancy started on or after March 16, 2005; Previous tenant was not forced out; There is a written rental agreement that spells out water bill arrangements; and Landlord has filed proper certification." 25-page booklet includes: Who Pays for Water, How Submetering Works, Paying the Water Bill, Plumbing Problems, and More About the Law.

Additional Resources

Print sources

Lease drafting in Massachusetts 4th ed. MCLE loose-leaf, section 13.4.7.

Residential and commercial landlord-tenant practice in Massachusetts, 3rd ed. MCLE loose-leaf, section 1.2.8.



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