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Massachusetts law about flood insurance

A compilation of laws, regulations, cases, and web sources on flood insurance law by the Trial Court Law Libraries.

Table of Contents

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.175, s.102D National Flood Insurance Program

MGL c.183, s.69, Flood insurance; limits on amount of coverage required to be purchased
Prohibits creditors from requiring residential flood insurance in excess of the outstanding mortgage balance, or with a deductible of less than $5000.

Massachusetts regulations

209 CMR 57 Flood insurance

Federal laws

42 USC 4001-4129 National Flood Insurance Program

Federal regulations

44 CFR 59-80 National Flood Insurance Program

Selected case law

Matusevich v. Middlesex Mutual Assurance, 782 F.3d 56 (2015)
Discussion of what constitutes a basement

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Within Massachusetts only


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