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Massachusetts law about Medicare

A compilation of laws, web sources, and print sources on Medicare law.

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Best bet 
Everything you need to know to manage your Medicare benefits, including information on prescription drug options, comparing hospitals, comparing nursing homes, comparing health plans, and learning more about eligibility and coverage


42 USC §§ 1395 et seq. Federal Medicare law

MGL c.176K Medicare supplement insurance plans

MGL c.112 § 2 Prohibition against “balance billing”  if the doctor accepts Medicare patients.
“The board shall require as a condition of granting or renewing a physician's certificate of registration, that the physician, who if he agrees to treat a beneficiary of health insurance under Title XVIII of the Social Security Act, shall also agree not to charge to or collect from such beneficiary any amount in excess of the reasonable charge for that service as determined by the United States Secretary of Health and Human Services.”

Web sources

Health insurance counseling. The Massachusetts SHINE Program (Serving the Health Insurance Needs of Everyone) provides free health insurance information, counseling, and assistance to all Massachusetts residents with Medicare. 

Late enrollment and penalties,

Medicare rights center
Includes "Medicare Interactive," a source for information on any topic related to medicare. Search, research, or ask a question.

Medicare supplement plans in Massachusetts, 2021 with costs. 

Prescription drug plans in your state,
After you answer basic questions, like your zip code, lists plans available in Massachusetts with premiums, contact information, and links to providers

Resources on the Medicare prescription drug benefit, Kaiser Family Foundation
Includes "key Foundation resources and data on the Medicare drug benefit"

Social Security: Medicare benefits, Social Security Administration.
Learn how to apply for Medicare only online, if you don't want to start receiving Social Security yet.

Will all doctors accept my Medicare coverage? And other questions answered. Medicare  

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