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Stakeholder Work Groups

The Massachusetts Executive Office of Health and Human Services (EOHHS) invited individuals to participate in a series of eight work groups to inform the restructuring of the MassHealth Program.

Each of the work groups will focus on a specific aspect of payment and care delivery transformation with consideration for the unique needs of the MassHealth population, including behavioral health and long term services and supports. We are delighted to have received such an enthusiastic response. In order to incorporate a diverse range of viewpoints and perspectives, MassHealth selected members for these work groups based on the quality of the applicant’s response, representation in the work group, technical or subject matter expertise, expressed interest in the applicable work group topic, and the likelihood of the applicant being impacted by a policy regarding a particular topic. EOHHS sought members of the work groups which represented the diversity of stakeholders and interests in the MassHealth program. These work groups will act in a critically important advisory capacity to assist MassHealth in its restructuring efforts. While the work groups will not make policy decisions, they will provide significant input into MassHealth’s policy development and decisions. MassHealth is committed to continued engagement with the public around these issues and will create ample opportunities for other stakeholders to provide input and feedback outside of these work groups.

The nomination form that was used for the above process is attached and can be downloaded from COMMBUYS by searching the Bid Description field for keyword “work groups” or the Bid # field for “BD-16-1039-EHS01-EHS02-00000004957.” The direct link is: www.commbuys.com/bso/external/bidDetail.sdo?docId=BD-16-1039-EHS01-EHS02-00000004957&external=true&parentUrl=bid.

Please contact us by email: MassHealth.Innovations@MassMail.State.MA.US for any questions.

MassHealth Stakeholder Work Group Rosters

Summary of Stakeholder Listening on MassHealth Restructuring

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