Best Practices Workgroup

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The mission of the Best Practices Workgroup is to fulfill the requirement of section 21 of Chapter 244 of the Acts of 2012, An Act Relative to Prescription Drug Diversion, Abuse and Addiction to investigate and study best practices, including those in education, prevention, screening, tracking, monitoring and treatment, to promote safe and responsible opioid prescribing and dispensing practices for acute and chronic pain. The goals of this study are to reduce diversion, abuse, and addiction of opioid prescription medications as well as protect access for patients suffering from acute and chronic pain. The Workgroup will develop a report of recommendations and findings that will be submitted to the legislature.

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Best Practices Workgroup Final Report

Meeting of December 18, 2013

Meeting of November 8, 2013

Meeting October 9, 2013

Meeting of September 9, 2013

Meeting of July 26, 2013

Meeting of April 25, 2013