Operations and Service Management

The Operations and Service Management division of EOTSS supports Commonwealth agencies across the state, overseeing end user software, hardware, voice, and connectivity support.

EOTSS Enterprise Policies and Standards

Check out our new EOTSS Enterprise Policies and Standards page on mass.gov!  This page is the hub for EOTSS enterprise policies and standards, including hardware and software standards, cabling standards, Secure WiFi standards and facility planning and timeline considerations.

EOTSS Enterprise Policies and Standards 

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EOTSS End User Service Desk (844) 435-7629

24x7x365 support for Commonwealth end users

CommonHelp IT Service Desk (866) 888-2808

for agency/Secretariat IT help desks and support personnel


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CommonHelp IT Service Desk commonhelp.desk@mass.gov

Who we serve

Operations and Service Management oversees Network and Security Services, Voice Services, Data Center Operations, End User Services and IT Service Management, which provide service to all Executive Branch agencies and certain non-Executive branch agencies across the Commonwealth. Operations and Service Management's Facilities team supports EOTSS employees and locations only.