Electric Customer Choice Data

Monthly tracking of the number of electric utility customers switching to competitive supply services

Electric Customer Choice Data

The chart below shows the movement of electric power customers in Massachusetts from utility electric supply to competitive supply.  You can also download Excel spreadsheets of the data tables (by month), which include individual electric utility company data  (note: Municipal Electric companies do not have competitive supply options):

2020 Electric Customer Choice Data Graph

Notes and definitions:

All data were collected from investor-owned electric power companies, who reported data by their rate classes. Each company reported two data points each for both incumbent and competitive generation service: (1) the number of customers on the last day of the month, and (2) the kilowatt  hours (kWh) used during the entire month.

Data for residential, farm, and street-lights rate classes are shown as reported by the distribution companies. The remaining rate-class data were aggregated by DOER as follows: small commercial and industrial (C&I) includes rate classes with average monthly usage levels below or equal to 3,000 kWh/month; medium C&I includes rate classes with average monthly usage levels greater than 3,000 kWh/month but less than or equal to 120,000 kWh/month; large C&I includes rate classes with average monthly usage levels greater than 120,000 kWh/month. DOER chose this particular aggregation scheme to simplify the reported data. DOER does not endorse any particular conclusions or findings that may result from the data.

Further questions can be directed to DOER Energy Markets 617-626-7329 or 617-626-7348, email doer.energy@mass.gov

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