Information about Home- and Community-Based Services Waivers

Chapter 1915(c) Home and Community Based Services was adopted as part of the Social Security Act.

It allows states to ask the federal Medicaid agency for permission to waive, or disregard, certain regulations that only allowed a state to use Medicaid funds for physician, hospital and/or institutional care and allow states to also fund home and community based services for a specific population of individuals. The funds that would have paid for institutional care can now be directed towards providing services out in the community for those eligible individuals who are either currently living in an institution and want to transition back to the community or who are at risk for living in an institution and require supports to remain safely in their own home or the home of a family or caregiver. Individuals determined eligible for a waiver can receive both traditional MassHealth services and the additional services available under a waiver.

ABI/MFP Participant Handbook

The Participant Handbook has helpful information about the ABI and MFP waivers. View the document below to find out more about these programs.

Additional Resources

The CMS final rule related to Home- and Community-Based Services (HCBS) for Medicaid-funded long-term services and supports provided in residential and non-residential home and community-based settings (the “Community Rule”) took effect March 17, 2014. States were required to submit transition plans to CMS within one year of the effective date indicating how they would comply with the new requirements ensuring participants have access to and are integrated into the broader community. Please follow this link to learn more about Massachusetts’ Statewide Transition Plan for Compliance with the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Community Rule .


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