Learn about the Massachusetts Quality Rating and Improvement System (QRIS)

QRIS is a method to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in Family Child Care and Group & School Age Child Care programs.

QRIS Standards

The QRIS standards incorporate various regulation and research on child development. They are customized for Family Child Care, Group & School Age Child Care, and other early education and care programs.

The Massachusetts QRIS Standards outline indicators of quality in 5 primary categories:

  • Curriculum and learning.

  • Safe and healthy indoor and outdoor environments.

  • Workforce development and professional qualifications.

  • Family and community engagement.

  • Leadership, administration, and management.

There are 4 levels in QRIS that outline indicators of quality within each category. Your program must meet the criteria in all categories to qualify for next level. For example, a program must meet all criteria in all categories for level 1 to qualify for level 2, and so on for level 3.

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5 Components of QRIS

  • Standards: The standards are categorized into a series of levels or steps, such as 1 - 5.

  • Monitoring and Accountability: The measures the state will use to recognize where programs are in relation to the standards levels.

  • Program and Practitioner Supports: The infrastructure to help programs meet and maintain the quality standards.

  • Fiscal Incentives: The incentives to encourage programs and providers/educators to pursue higher levels of quality.

  • Family and Consumer Engagement: The way that the content of the QRIS is communicated to parents and programs.

QRIS Program Manager

The Quality Rating and Improvement System Program Manager helps programs manage the QRIS application process. It allows your program to complete self-assessments and apply online for your rating. It can also verify professional qualifications in the Professional Qualifications Registry (PQR).

The QRIS Program Manager is available to EEC licensed programs interested in participating in the Commonwealth's QRIS. 

Programs can use QRIS Program Manager to:

  • Create, view and update a QRIS program application. 
  • View the status of the QRIS application.
  • Use the QRIS Self-Assessment Worksheet to self-assess their QRIS level.
  • Organize documentation that a program submits to show how it meets the measurements for the QRIS standards.
  • Review educator professional development activities in PRQ in relation to QRIS standards.
  • Chart progress on meeting the QRIS Standards at each level, by category.
  • Track the submission of program applications.
  • Support the management of the review and rating process (e.g. program application information, related documentation, results of observational measurement tools, etc.).
  • Generate summary information in a printable PDF format.

To become a user for the QRIS Program Manager, you must:

  • Have a single sign in account.
  • Be a registered user in the Professional Qualifications Registry (PQR).
  • Add the QRIS Program Manager as an available application in your single sign in account.

The average time to process a QRIS application is 12 months. After you submit a QRIS application, EEC will review the QRIS Program Manager, supporting documentation, and the Professional Qualifications Registry (PQ Registry). If you are submitting a Level 3 application, we will require a program quality specialist technical assistance site visit. If you are submitting a Level 4 application, we will require an environment rating scales reliable rater observation. 

If you are have any technical difficulties while using the QRIS Program Manager, contact the EEC help desk.

If you have general questions about QRIS, email EEC at EECQRIS@massmail.state.ma.us.

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