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Law about small business in Massachusetts

A compilation of information, resources, and web sources on small businesses in Massachusetts.

Table of Contents

Best bets's business resources
Covers starting a business; tax information; licenses and permits; doing business in Massachusetts; getting business support; and business laws and regulations.’s doing business in Massachusetts
Covers resources to successfully running a business in Massachusetts including: taxes, unemployment benefits, banking for small businesses, and environmental assistance for small businesses.'s starting a business 
Covers step-by-step guide; market research; counseling and assistance; funding and financing; regulations and permits; employer regulations; and tax rules and regulations.

U.S. Small Business Administration 
Great site for business planning and management. Includes resources for starting a business, paying taxes, managing employees and much more. Also provides guidance for particular types of business owners, such as women, veterans and minorities. Extremely broad and deep coverage of small business issues. In particular, see Small business tools.

Small business taxation

Every nonprofit's tax guide, Nolo, 2020
"Turn to this book whenever you have a question about IRS rules or nonprofit compliance issues." Requires library card for access.

Home business tax deductions, Nolo, 2021
Deducting assets, home office, expenses and more. Requires library card for access.

Working for yourself: Law and taxes for independent contractors, Nolo, 2019
Includes information on Insuring your business, self -employment tax, copyrights, client agreements, licenses, permits, and more. Requires library card for access.

Web sources

Becoming a sole proprietor in Massachusetts, Digital Media Law Project
An outline of the requirements, with links to key Federal and state resources

Business buyout agreements: plan now for retirement, death, divorce or owner disagreements, Nolo, 2019
Includes an overview of buyout agreements -- Limiting the transfer of ownership interests -- Providing the right to force buyouts -- Structuring buyouts -- Funding buyouts -- How to set the buyout price in your agreement -- Choosing payment terms for buyouts -- Completing and updating your buyout agreement -- Income and estate tax issues -- Lawyers, tax specialists, and resources. Requires library card for access.

Complete guide to selling a business, Nolo, 2017
Covers pricing, finding a buyer, structuring the sale and more. Requires library card for access.

Doing business in Massachusetts: A guide to U.S. and Massachusetts kaw for non-U.S. businesses, Foley Hoag, LLP, 2016
"This guide is intended to provide foreign business-people with an introduction to the basic kinds of laws and regulations that affect the conduct of business in the United States, and particularly in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts."

Form a partnership: the complete guide, Nolo, 2020
Includes information on partnership agreements, partnership disputes, taxes, partnership name and more. Requires free library card for access.

Legal forms for starting and running a small business, Nolo, 2020
Contracts, employment, leases and more. Requires free library card for access.

Legal guide for starting and running a small business, Nolo, 2020
A good overview with chapters on insuring your business, resolving legal disputes, home based business and more. Requires library card for access.

Step by step guide to starting a business, Mass. Economic Development
Covers choosing an entity type, choosing a name, obtaining licenses and permits, DBA certificates, obtaining an EIN, and registering with the Department of Revenue.

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