Massachusetts law about nurses

A compilation of laws, regulations, and web sources on nursing law.

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St.2021, c.20, § 25 Provides temporary authorization for nursing students who have recently graduated or who are near graduation to practice nursing

Massachusetts laws

MGL c.30A, § 14 Judicial review

MGL c.94C, § 9 Administering and dispensing of controlled substances in course of professional practice; records, inspection

MGL c.111, § 226 Mandatory overtime for nurses prohibited; exception for emergency situations

MGL c.111, § 231 Limitation on patient assignments per nurse in intensive care units

MGL c.112, § 64 Review by supreme judicial court of suspension, revocation or cancellation order

MGL c.112, §§ 65-65F Practice during suspension, revocation or cancellation of license

MGL c.112, §§ 74-81C Registration of certain professions: Nursing

MGL c.176R Consumer choice of nurse practitioner services. Recognizes nurse practitioners as primary care providers.

Massachusetts regulations

244 CMR Board of Registration in Nursing

958 CMR 8  Patient assignment limits for registered nurses in intensive care units in acute hospitals

Web sources

Board of Registration in Nursing
Includes information on getting a nursing license, the nursing complaint process, and more.

Nursing licenses
Learn how to check, apply for, or renew a nursing license and learn about Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN) authorization, prescriptive authority, Mandatory Continuing Education for nurses, and COVID-19 licenses.

The complete guide to nursing in Massachusetts,
Thinking about working in Massachusetts? Here's everything you need to know about being a nurse in the Bay State.

Print sources

Administrative law and practice, 2nd ed. (Mass. Practice v.39) Thomson Reuters, 2016 with supplement.  Chapter 13, Section 13:16 The unlicensed practitioner.

Employment coordinator, Thomson/West, v.3, loose-leaf. Massachusetts. § 21:92.50 Maximum hours for nurses.

Nursing malpractice, 4th ed., Lawyers and Judges Pub. Co., 2011

Professional malpractice, (Mass. Practice v.51) Thomson/West, 2007 with supplement. Chapter 12, Sections 12.3-12.10.



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