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Massachusetts law about nurses

A compilation of laws, regulations, and web sources on nursing law.

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Massachusetts laws

MGL c.30A, § 14 Judicial review

MGL c.94, § 9 Administering and dispensing of controlled substances in course of professional practice; records, inspection

MGL c.111, § 226 Mandatory overtime for nurses prohibited; exception for emergency situations

MGL c.111, § 231 Limitation on patient assignments per nurse in intensive care units

MGL c.112, § 64 Review by supreme judicial court of suspension, revocation or cancellation order

MGL c.112, §§ 65-65F Practice during suspension, revocation or cancellation of license

MGL c.112, §§ 74-81C Registration of certain professions: Nursing

MGL c.176R Consumer choice of nurse practitioner services. Recognizes nurse practitioners as primary care providers.

Massachusetts regulations

244 CMR Board of Registration in Nursing

Web sources

Board of Registration in Nursing
Includes information on getting a nursing license, the nursing complaint process, and more.

Nursing licenses
Learn how to check, apply for, or renew a nursing license and learn about Advanced Practice Registered Nursing (APRN) authorization, prescriptive authority, and Mandatory Continuing Education for nurses.

The complete guide to nursing in Massachusetts,
Thinking about working in Massachusetts? Here's everything you need to know about being a nurse in the Bay State.

Print sources

Administrative law and practice, 2nd ed. (Mass. Practice v.39) Thomson Reuters, 2017 with supplement.  Chapter 13. State Licensing. II. Professional and Occupational Licensing. § 13:16 The unlicensed practitioner.

Employment coordinator, Thomson/West, v.3, loose-leaf.  Part III. Overtime Pay. Chapter 21. Standard Overtime Rate for all States. XXIII. Massachusetts. § 21.92.50 Maximum hours for nurses.

Nursing malpractice, 4th ed., Lawyers and Judges Pub. Co., 2011

Professional malpractice, (Mass. Practice v.51) Thomson/West, 2007 with supplement. Chapter 12. Other Medical Professionals. § 12.3 Nurses-In general; § 12.4 Nurses-Nurse-patient relationship; § 12.5 Nurses-Duty of care; § 12.6 Nurses-Nurse midwives, nurse practitioners and other advanced practice nurses; § 12.7 Nurses-Causation and damage; § 12.8 Nurses-Nurses and the medical malpractice tribunal; § 12.9 Nurses-Immunities; § 12.10 Nurses-Vicarious liability for nurse malpractice.



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