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Subject Citations
Date rape drugs  MGL c.272, § 3
Day of rest ("blue laws")  Mass. Blue Laws  
Daylight saving time  MGL c.4, § 10
Death penalty  See: Law About the Death Penalty
Debt collection, unfair  See: Law About Debt Collection
Delinquent children  MGL c.119, §§ 52-64
  • Division of Youth Services Regulations
109 CMR
  • Youth Services
MGL c.120
Derelict fee statute  MGL c.183, § 58
Desertion and nonsupport  MGL c.273
Destination wedding, registering in Mass. MGL c.207, § 36
Disclosure, apology and offer (medical malpractice)  St.2012, c.224
Discrimination laws  See: Law About Discrimination
Disorderly conduct  MGL c.272, § 53 & § 54
Divorce  See: Law About Divorce
DNR ("Do Not Resuscitate") program  Office of Emergency Medical Services
Do Not Call  See: Law About Telemarketing
Dog bite law  MGL c.140, § 155
Dog laws  MGL c.140, §§ 136A-174D
See Also: Law About Animals
Domestic violence  See: Law About Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence and Abuse Leave Act (DVLA) MGL c.149, § 52E
Don't Ask Don't Tell Review Board MGL c.115, § 16
Dost factors US v. Dost, 636 F. Supp. 828 (1986)
Dover amendment  MGL c.40A, § 3
Downs instruction Comm. v. Downs, 53 Mass. App. Ct. 195 (2001)
Comm. v. Wolfe, 478 Mass. 142 (2017)
Dram shop law  MGL c.138, § 69
Drop shipment rule MGL c.64H, § 1
Drunk driving laws  See: Law About Drunk Driving
Duquette Waiver  Comm. v. Duquette, 386 Mass. 834 (1982)
Durable Power of Attorney, Uniform  MGL c.190B, Art. V, Pt. 5


Subject Citations
Eavesdropping/Wiretapping (including tape recording private conversations)  MGL c.272, § 99
Education laws (public schools)  MGL c.71
Eggshell rule: a wrongdoer takes his victim as he finds him Criminal: Comm. v. Tevlin, 433 Mass. 305 (2001)
Tort: Wallace v. Ludwig, 292 Mass. 251 (1935)
Eight hour work day (public employees)  MGL c.149, §§ 30-44
Elections, Clean  See: Law About Elections and Voting
ELMO Program (Electronic Monitoring of Offenders)  Commissioner of Probation
Emancipation of minor  Mass. does not have a procedure for emancipation of minors. See: Law About Emancipation
Employees' right to bargain  MGL c.150A, § 3
Endangered Species Act

MGL c.131A 
321 CMR 10

Equal choices law (Medicaid)  MGL c.118E, § 9
Equal pay, sex discrimination  MGL c.149, §§ 105A-105D
Equal pay, teachers  MGL c.71, § 40
Equal rights  MGL c.151B
ERPO (Extreme Risk Protection Orders) MGL c.140, §§ 131R-131Y
Erroneous convictions law  MGL c.258D
Estate tax  See: Law About Estate Tax
Ethics  See: Law About Ethics
Eviction  See: Law About Eviction
Exempt property  MGL c.235, § 34
Exotic pets  321 CMR 9 
Extreme risk protection order  MGL c.140, §§ 131R-131Y


Subject Citations
Facial recognition MGL c.6, § 220
Fair Credit Reporting Act  MGL c.93, §§ 50-68
Fair educational practices  MGL c.151C
Fair employment practices  MGL c.151B
Fair housing  MGL c.151B
Fair information practices  MGL c.66A
  • Fair Information Practices Act regulations (Attorney General) 
940 CMR 11   
  • Fair information practices regulations (Secretary of the Commonwealth) 
950 CMR 33 
Fair Share amendment Article of Amendment CXXI
False claims act MGL c.12, §§ 5A-5O
31 U.S.C. §§ 3729 et seq. 
Family Support, Uniform Interstate  MGL c.209D
Felony (definition & penalty)  MGL c.274, § 1
Felony murder  Comm. v. Brown, 477 Mass. 805 (2017)
MGL c.265, § 1
MGL c.265, § 17
MGL c.265, § 18
MGL c.265, § 21
Female circumcision St.2020, c.149
First responder law  MGL c.111, § 201
  • First responder training
105 CMR 171 
Flavored tobacco ban MGL c.270, § 28
Food Allergy Awareness Act  MGL c.140, § 6B
105 CMR 590.003(B)(17)  
Dept. of Public Health
Foreclosure, mortgage  See: Law About Foreclosure
Forty-eight hour work week (children)  MGL c.149, § 56
Foster parents' bill of rights MGL c.119, § 23C
Franks hearing Franks v. Delaware, 438 U.S. 154 (1978)
Freedom of Information  See: Law About Freedom of Information


Subject Citations
Garageman's lien  MGL c.255, § 25
Garnishment  MGL c.246
Gatekeeper provision MGL c.278, § 33E
Gelfgatt motion (re. compelling decryption of electronic device) Comm. v. Gelfgatt, 468 Mass. 512 (2014)
Genital mutilation St.2020, c.149
Gifts to minors (Uniform Transfers to Minors)  MGL c.201A
Ginsberg formula for alimony  Ginsberg, Edward M. Hon. "The Place of Alimony in the Scheme of Things", 14 Massachusetts Family Law Journal 107 (Jan. 1997). [not currently on the web]
Good samaritan laws:   

Any non-medical person providing aid

EMS Personnel

Overdose - seeking assistance for self or others


Treatment of minors

Graffiti (Tagging)  MGL c.266, § 126A
MGL c.266, § 126B
Grandfathered lots  MGL c.40A, § 6
Grandparents' visitation  See: Law About Grandparent Visitation
Green Communities Act of 2008  St.2008, c.169
Gun control  See: Law About Guns


Subject Citations
Habitual criminals, sentencing  MGL c.279, § 25
Habitual traffic offender law  MGL c.90, § 22F
Hands-free driving MGL c.90 § 13B
Harassment  See: Law About Harassment
Hatch Act (flood plains)  MGL c.131, § 40
Hate Crimes  501 CMR 4 
Hazing  603 CMR 33 (High Schools)
610 CMR 5 (Higher Education)
Health care proxy  See: Law About Health Care Proxies
Heart Balm Act MGL c.207, § 47A
Heart bill  MGL c.32, § 94
Helmet laws (motorcycle head gear) MGL c.90, § 7
540 CMR 22.08 
Highway defects (potholes)  See: Law About Potholes and Road Defects
Hit and run--personal injury  MGL c.90, § 24(2)(a-1/2)(1)
Hit and run--personal injury and death  MGL c.90, § 24(2)(a-1/2)(2)
Hit and run--property damage  MGL c.90, § 24(2)(a)
Hobbs Act 18 U.S.C. § 1951
Home improvement contractors  See: Law About Home Improvement
Home invasion  MGL c.265, § 18C
Home rule procedures  MGL c.43B
Homestead laws  See: Law About Homestead
Honest services fraud 18 U.S.C. § 1346
Human trafficking St.2011, Ch. 178
Humane practice (instruction on voluntariness of confession) Comm. v. Preece, 140 Mass. 276 (1885)
See also: Comm. v. Gallett, 481 Mass. 662 at 685 for a history of the practice


Subject Citations
Idling motor vehicle MGL c.90, § 16A
Ignition Interlock Devices 540 CMR 25 
Insurance, Automobile See: Law About Auto Insurance
Interstate probation MGL c.127, §§ 151A-151L
Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact MGL c.131B
Invasion of privacy MGL c.214, § 1B
Irretrievable breakdown of marriage ("no fault divorce") MGL c.208, §§ 1A-1B 
MGL c.208, § 21


Subject Citations
Jackie's Law (construction trenches) MGL c.82A 
520 CMR 14 
Jenkins hearing (probable cause after warrantless arrest) Jenkins v. District Court, 416 Mass. 221 (1993)
Jessica's Law St.2008, c.205


Subject Citations
Kayla's law (AEDs in Health Clubs) MGL c.93, § 78A
Killer bar law MGL c.90, § 24J
Klinghoffer Rule (Working without pay) US v. Klinghoffer Bros. Realty, 285 F.2d 487 (1960)
Rejected by US District Ct (Mass.) in:
Norceide v. Cambridge Health, 814 F.Supp. 2d 17 (2011)
Knockout Rule (interpretation of contracts) MGL c.106, § 2-207

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