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Subject Citations
Labor  c.149
  • Industrial safety
454 CMR
Lacey Packer law (drunk driving)  c.90, § 22
c.90, § 23
c.90, § 30
c.90, § 33
Lamb Warning  Com. v. Lamb, 365 Mass. 265 (1974)
Landlord tenant laws  See: Law About Landlord-Tenant
Larceny by check  c.266, § 37
Laura's law (emergency room access) St.2020, c.384
Laura's law (organ & tissue donation)  St.2010, c.190
Lead paint law  See: Law About Lead Paint
Legal age  c.4, § 7 (cl.48-51)
Lemon laws (new & used cars)  c.90, § 7N 1/4 & § 7N 1/2
  • Lemon aid law (voiding sale contracts)
c.90, § 7N
  • Motor vehicle arbitration regulations
201 CMR 11 
  • Motor vehicle sales & repair shop regulations
940 CMR 5 
  • Private party sales
Office of Consumer Affairs
Lemon law (pets)  330 CMR 12.05      
  • Licensing & operation of pet shops
c.129, § 39A
Lemon law (wheelchairs)  c.93, § 107
201 CMR 19
Limited Liability Company Act  See: Law About Limited Liability Companies
Little Miller Act  c.149 § 29
Lizzie's law (protection of children)  c.119, § 35
  • Children born out of wedlock
c.209C, § 3
  • Parents convicted of murder
c.209, § 37
  • Visitation & custody
c.209, § 38
Living wills  See: Law About Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
Logan's Law (devocalizing dogs and cats)  c. 272 § 80 1/2
Long arm statute  c.223A
  • Drivers who reside in other states
c.90, § 3A
Lung law  c.32, § 94A


Subject Citations
Manslaughter  c.277, § 79
  • Penalty
c.265, § 13
Marriage  See: Law About Marriage
  • Annulment
MGL c.207, § 14
  • Common law marriage
While Massachusetts recognizes a valid common law marriage from another state, a common law marriage cannot be created in Massachusetts.
  • Same-Sex marriage
See: Law About Same-Sex Marriage
  • Three day wait for marriage
c.207, § 19
Married person's/women's property  c.209
Massachusetts Antitrust Act  c.93
Massachusetts Clean Air Act.  c.111, § 142A
Massachusetts Endangered Species Act  c.131A
  • Endangered Species Act Regulations
321 CMR 10 
Massachusetts False Claims Act MGL c.12, §§ 5A-5O 
Massachusetts Limited Liability Company Act  See: Law About Limited Liability Companies
Massachusetts tort claims against state and local government  c.258
  • Settlements and judgments
815 CMR 5 
Massachusetts Travel Seller Law 940 CMR 15.06
Massachusetts White Cane Law  c.90, § 14A
MassHealth program  See: Law About Medicaid (MassHealth)
Maternity leave  See: Law About Employment Leave- Maternity Leave
Mattresses, resale of used  c.94, § 271A
Maximum hours (public sector employment)  c.149, §§ 30-42
McMansions, zoning  Bjorklund v. ZBA of Norwell, 450 Mass. 357 (2008)
Meal break at work  c.149, § 100
Mechanics' lien on buildings & land  See: Law About Mechanics' Liens
Mechanics' lien on motor vehicles  c.255, § 25
Medical records, inspection  See: Law About Medical Records Privacy
Megan's law (registration of sex offenders)  St. 1999, c.74 (text of original law).
See Also: Law About Sex Offenders
Melanie's Law (drunk driving) St.2005, c.122 (text of original law).
See Also: Law About Drunk Driving
Melissa's Law (3 Strikes)  St.2012, c.192
Mental health laws (including civil & criminal commitment)  See: Law About Mental Health Care
Mercy killing  c.201D, § 12
MERIT Plan (tax breaks for vets)  MGL c.59 § 5, cl.22-22D
Michael's Law (medical emergency response in schools)  St.2012, c.77
Minimum Fair Wage Law  See: Law About Minimum Wage
Minor in possession of alcohol  c.138, § 34C
Misdemeanor (definition & penalty)  c.274, § 1
Moffett filings  Comm. v. Moffett, 383 Mass. 201 
Guide to Moffett Filings, Appeals Court
Mortgage foreclosure  See: Law About Foreclosure
Motor vehicle insurance  See: Law About Auto Insurance
Motor vehicle registration  c.90, §§ 1-34R
Motorcycle headgear (helmet laws)  c.90 § 7 
540 CMR 22.08 
Move Over law  c.89, § 7C
Murder (definition)  c.265, § 1
Mutina instruction (Consequences of not guilty by reason of lack of criminal responsibility) Com. v. Chappell, 473 Mass. 191


Subject Citations
Narcotics and drug laws (controlled substances)  c.94C
  • Penalty for use of date rape drug
c.272, § 3
NASTY Women Act (repealing archaic abortion laws) St.2018, c.155
National Popular Vote Bill  St.2010, c.229
Needle exchange  c.111, § 215
c.94C, § 27
Nero's Law (allowing ambulance transportation of police dogs) St.2022, c.23
Nicky's Law (registry of abuse of intellectually or developmentally disabled) St.2020, c.19
Nicole's Law (carbon monoxide detectors) MGL c.148, § 26F 1/2 
527 CMR 1 
See Also: Law About Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Nine hour work day  c.149, § 56
No-fault auto insurance  See: Law About Auto Insurance
No-fault divorce (irretrievable breakdown of marriage)  c.208, §§ 1A-1B
c.208, § 21
No-fix law MGL c.90C, § 2
Comm. v. O'Leary, 92 Mass. App. Ct. 282
No-knock warrants MGL c.276, § 2D
No surprises act PL 116-260, Division BB, Title I.
Nonresident motorist, operation of motor vehicles  MGL c.90, § 3 & § 3A
Nursing, Board of Registration  c.13, §§ 13-15D
  • Registration of nurses
c.112, §§ 74-81C
  • Nursing regulations
244 CMR


Subject Citations
Open and gross lewdness  c.272, § 16
Open container law  c.90, § 24I
Overtime pay  See: Law About Overtime


Subject Citations
Pacheco law (limiting privatization of state services)  c.7, §§ 52-55
Padlocking law (premises which are a nuisance)  c.139, § 16A
PATCH Act c.176O, § 27
Patients' Bill of Rights  c.111, § 70E
PAWS Act St.2014, c.293
PAWS II Act St.2018, c.219
Peaceful persuasion (labor disputes)  c.149, § 24
Peeping Tom  c.272, § 105(b)
Perjury  c.268, §§ 1-6
Personal property exemption  c.235, § 34
Pet lemon law  330 CMR 12.05      
PIP (auto insurance personal injury protection)  c.90, § 34M
Playgrounds  c.45, §§ 14-18
Police reform St.2020, c.253
Popular vote for president  St.2010, c.229
Pothole law (highway defects)  See: Law About Potholes and Road Defects
Potty Parity 248 CMR 10.10(18) 
Prevailing wages in public works  See: Law About Prevailing Wage
Privacy  See: Law About Privacy
Prompt Payment Act c.149, § 29E
Proposition 2 ½ (limitation on property taxes)  c.59, § 21C
Public accommodations, penalty for discrimination  c.272, § 98
Public accommodations, refusal to accommodate travelers  c.140, § 7
Public records See: Law About Freedom of Information
Puppy Doe Law St.2014, c.293


Subject Citations
"Quick take" law (eminent domain) c.79
Quinn bill (police career incentive pay program)  c.41, § 108L


Subject Citations
Racial balance, promotion in schools  MGL c.71, §§ 37C 37D
Racial imbalance, elimination in schools  MGL c.15, §§ 1I & 1J
Racial imbalance & magnet schools  603 CMR 17
Raffle permits  MGL c.271, § 7A
  • Regulations governing raffles (Attorney General) 
940 CMR 12 
  • Regulations controlling certain raffles & bazaar
961 CMR 4 
Rape  See: Law About Rape and Sexual Assault
Rape shield law  MGL c.233, § 21B
REAL ID Law PL 109-13, Division B, Title II 
MGL c.90, § 8
St.2016, c.172
Red flag law (weapons), also known as ERPO MGL c.140, §§ 131R-131Y
Red Flags Rule (identity theft)  11/9/07 Federal Register 
Rent control, prohibition  MGL c.40P
Representative town meetings  MGL c.43A
Resale of tickets ("scalping")  See: Law About Ticket Scalping
Restraining order, domestic relations  MGL c.209A
Restroom access (for those with certain eligible medical conditions)  MGL c.270, § 26
Revise and revoke (sentence) Mass. R. Crim. P. 29(a)(2)
Ride sharing companies (Uber, Lyft, etc.) MGL c.159A-1/2
220 CMR 274
540 CMR 2
Right to bargain (labor)  MGL c.150A, § 3
Right to cure (foreclosure)  MGL c.244, § 35A(b)
Right to die (health care proxy)  See: Law About Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
Right to know law (hazardous substances)  MGL c.111F, §§ 1-21
  • Employee and community right to know regulations (Dept. of Environmental. Protection.) 
310 CMR 33
  • Right to Know (Div. Industrial Safety) 
454 CMR 21 
  • Right to know (Dept. of Public. Health) 
105 CMR 670 
Right to organize  MGL c.150A
Administration of Labor Relations law 456 CMR 2 
Right to repair law  MGL c.93K
Riverfront area (wetlands protection)  310 CMR 10.58 
Rivers protection law  MGL c.131, § 40
  • Rivers Protection Act (original text)
St.1996, c.258 
ROE act St.2020, c.263



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