Laws by popular name L-R

An index to Massachusetts laws with popular names L-R

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Subject Citations
Labor  c.149
  • Industrial safety
454 CMR
Lacey Packer law (drunk driving)  c.90, s.22-23 
c.90, s.30 
c.90, s.33
Lamb Warning  Com. v. Lamb, 365 Mass. 265 (1974)
Landlord tenant laws  See: Law About Landlord-Tenant
Larceny by check  c.266, s.37
Laura's Law (organ & tissue donation)  St.2010, c.190
Lead paint law  See: Law About Lead Paint
Legal age  c.4, s.7 (cl.48-51)
Lemon laws (new & used cars)  c.90, s.7N 1/4 & 7N 1/2
  • Lemon aid law (voiding sale contracts)
c.90, s.7N
  • Motor vehicle arbitration regulations
201 CMR 11 
  • Motor vehicle sales & repair shop regulations
940 CMR 5 
  • Private party sales
Office of Consumer Affairs
Lemon law (pets)  330 CMR 12.05      
  • Licensing & operation of pet shops
c.129, s.39A
Lemon law (wheelchairs)  c.93, s.107
201 CMR 19
Limited Liability Company Act  See: Law About Limited Liability Companies
Little Miller Act  c.149 s.29
Lizzie's law (protection of children)  c.119, s.35
  • Children born out of wedlock
c.209C, s.3
  • Parents convicted of murder
c.209, s.37
  • Visitation & custody
c.209, s.38
Living wills  See: Law About Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
Logan's Law (devocalizing dogs and cats)  c. 272 s. 80 1/2
Long arm statute  c.223A
  • Drivers who reside in other states
c.90, s.3A
Lung law  c.32, s.94A


Subject Citations
Manslaughter  c.277, s.79,
  • Penalty
c.265, s.13
Marriage  See: Law About Marriage
  • Annulment
MGL c.207, s.14
  • Common law marriage
While Massachusetts recognizes a valid common law marriage from another state, a common law marriage cannot be created in Massachusetts.
  • Same-Sex marriage
See: Law About Same-Sex Marriage
  • Three day wait for marriage
c.207, s.19
Married person's/women's property  c.209
Massachusetts Antitrust Act  c.93
Massachusetts Clean Air Act.  c.111, s. 142A
Massachusetts Endangered Species Act  c.131A
  • Endangered Species Act Regulations
321 CMR 10 
Massachusetts False Claims Act MGL c.12, §§ 5A-5O 
Massachusetts Limited Liability Company Act  See: Law About Limited Liability Companies
Massachusetts tort claims against state and local government  c.258
Settlements and judgments 815 CMR 5 
Massachusetts White Cane Law  c.90, s.14A
MassHealth program  See: Law About Medicaid (MassHealth)
Maternity leave  See: Law About Employment Leave- Maternity Leave
Mattresses, resale of used  c.94, s.271A
Maximum hours (public sector employment)  c.149, s.30-44
McMansions, zoning  Bjorklund v. ZBA of Norwell, 450 Mass. 357 (2008)
Meal break at work  c.149, s.100
Mechanics' lien on buildings & land  See: Law About Mechanics' Liens
Mechanics' lien on motor vehicles  c.255, s.25
Medical records, inspection  See: Law About Medical Records Privacy
Megan's law (registration of sex offenders)  St. 1999, c.74 (text of original law).
See Also: Law About Sex Offenders
Melanie's Law (drunk driving) St.2005, c.122 (text of original law).
See Also: Law About Drunk Driving
Melissa's Law (3 Strikes)  St.2012, c.192
Mental health laws (including civil & criminal commitment)  See: Law About Mental Health Care
Mercy killing  c.201D, s.12
MERIT Plan (tax breaks for vets)  MGL c.59 § 5, cl.22-22D
Michael's Law (medical emergency response in schools)  St.2012, c.77
Minimum Fair Wage Law  See: Law About Minimum Wage
Minor in possession of alcohol  c.138, s.34C
Misdemeanor (definition & penalty)  c.274, s.1
Moffett filings  Comm. v. Moffett, 383 Mass. 201 
Guide to Moffett Filings, Appeals Court
Mortgage foreclosure  See: Law About Foreclosure
Motor vehicle insurance  See: Law About Auto Insurance
Motor vehicle registration  c.90, s.1-34R
Motorcycle headgear (helmet laws)  c.90 s.7 
540 CMR 22.08 
Move Over law  c.89, s.7C
Murder (definition)  c.265, s.1
Mutina instruction (Consequences of not guilty by reason of lack of criminal responsibility) Com. v. Chappell, 473 Mass. 191


Subject Citations
Narcotics and drug laws (controlled substances)  c.94C, s.1-48
  • Penalty for use of date rape drug
c.272, s.3
NASTY Women Act (repealing archaic abortion laws) St.2018, c.__ (S.2260)
National Popular Vote Bill  St.2010, c.229
Needle exchange  c.111, s.215 
c.94C, s.27
Nicole's Law (carbon monoxide detectors) MGL c.148, s.26F 1/2 
527 CMR 1 
See Also: Law About Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Nine hour work day  c.149, s.56
No-fault auto insurance  See: Law About Auto Insurance
No-fault divorce (irretrievable breakdown of marriage)  c.208, s.1A-1B 
c.208, s.21
No-fix law MGL c.90C, s.2
Comm. v. O'Leary, 92 Mass. App. Ct. 282
Nonresident motorist, operation of motor vehicles  c.90, s.3-3A
Nursing, Board of Registration  c.13, s.13-15D
  • Registration of nurses
c.112, s.74-81C
  • Nursing regulations
244 CMR


Subject Citations
Open and gross lewdness  c.272, s.16
Open container law  c.90, s.24I
Overtime pay  See: Law About Overtime


Subject Citations
Pacheco law (limiting privatization of state services)  c.7, s.52-55
Padlocking law (premises which are a nuisance)  c.139, s.16A
PATCH Act c.176O, s.27 as amended by St.2018, c.63 (S.2296)
Patients' Bill of Rights  c.111, s.70E
PAWS Act St.2014, c.293
PAWS II Act St.2018, c.219 (S2646)
Peaceful persuasion (labor disputes)  c.149, s.24
Peeping Tom  c.272, s.105(b)
Perjury  c.268, s.1-6
Personal property exemption  MGL c.235, s.34
Pet lemon law  330 CMR 12.05      
PIP (auto insurance personal injury protection)  c.90, s.34M
Playgrounds  c.45, s.14-18
Popular vote for president  St.2010, c.229
Pothole law (highway defects)  See: Law About Potholes and Road Defects
Potty Parity 248 CMR 10.10(18) 
Prevailing wages in public works  See: Law About Prevailing Wage
Privacy  See: Law About Privacy
Proposition 2 ½ (limitation on property taxes)  c.59, s.21C
Public accommodations, penalty for discrimination  c.272, s.98
Public accommodations, refusal to accommodate travellers  c.140, s.7
Public records See: Law About Freedom of Information
Puppy Doe Law St.2014, c.293


Subject Citations
Quinn bill (police career incentive pay program)  c.41, s.108L


Subject Citations
Racial balance, promotion in schools  MGL c.71, s.37C 37D
Racial imbalance, elimination in schools  MGL c.15, s.1I & 1J
Racial imbalance & magnet schools  603 CMR 17
Raffle permits  MGL c.271, s.7A
  • Regulations governing raffles (Attorney General) 
940 CMR 12 
  • Regulations controlling certain raffles & bazaar
961 CMR 4 
Rape  See: Law About Rape and Sexual Assault
Rape Shield Law  MGL c.233, s.21B
REAL ID Law PL 109-13, Division B, Title II 
St.2016, c.172
Red flag law (weapons) MGL c.140, s.131R-131Z, as added by St.2018, c.123
Red Flags Rule (identity theft)  11/9/07 Federal Register 
Rent control, prohibition  MGL c.40P
Representative town meetings  MGL c.43A
Resale of tickets ("scalping")  See: Law About Ticket Scalping
Restraining order, domestic relations  MGL c.209A
Restroom access (for those with certain eligible medical conditions)  MGL c.270, s.26
Revise and revoke (sentence) Mass. R. Crim. P. 29(a)(2)
Ride sharing companies (Uber, Lyft, etc.) MGL c.159A-1/2
220 CMR 274
540 CMR 2
Right to bargain (labor)  MGL c.150A, s.3
Right to cure (foreclosure)  MGL c.244, s.35A(b)
Right to die (health care proxy)  See: Law About Health Care Proxies and Living Wills
Right to know law (hazardous substances)  MGL c.111F, s.1-21
  • Employee and community right to know regulations (Dept. of Environmental. Protection.) 
310 CMR 33
  • Right to Know (Div. Industrial Safety) 
454 CMR 21 
  • Right to know (Dept. of Public. Health) 
105 CMR 670 
Right to organize  MGL c.150A
Administration of Labor Relations law 456 CMR 2 
Right to repair law  MGL c.93K
Riverfront area (wetlands protection)  310 CMR 10.58 
Rivers protection law  MGL c.131, s.40
  • Rivers Protection Act (original text)
St.1996, c.258 


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